Hot City Pizza- Delightfully Shabby

About as appealing as a Saudi Arabian massage parlor

To look at it from the street, you’d think it was a front for the Russian Mafia, or a grade D chain out of Minneapolis that some optimistic Korean family bought into for a small fortune that they try to repay while still saving enough to send their kids to Stanford, or maybe just a run-down storefront that switches from owner to owner with promiscuous regularity, never quite finding that sweet spot of pizza satisfaction. Trust me though, it’s an ugly duckling with a swan-like beauty within.

You’ve probably seen it before, on J Street, right across from the old Shakey’s, right next to that culinary asylum known as Opa Opa, with a simple sign that says “PIZZA.” If you’re a savvy consumer, you’ve probably never stepped foot in the place. Man, are you missing out.

In no particular order here are the highlights:

1) One of the best beer selections in town. Seriously, their beer fridge probably has more liquid value in it than most restaurants’ wine cellars. My only critique is that almost every beer is either hyper-malty or mega-hoppy or crazy-oaky or stupid-carmelly. They could stand to have a few more well made lawnmower beers to complement their outstanding pies.

2) Great pizza. You’ve got to love doughy crusts. That’s a prerequisite. The daily-made whole wheat crust is chewy and flavorful. They will make a thin crust for you, but you have to ask politely.

3) Inclusive hipster vibe. Think of it as the anti-Bows-and-Arrows. Sure, they’re into skinny jeans and facial hair and the whole almost-outdated scene, but it’s a vibe built on pizza and beer rather than art and popsicles, so it’s a pretty down to earth space, you dig.

2 thoughts on “Hot City Pizza- Delightfully Shabby”

  1. Definitely a thumbs up for Hot City. The Angry Pig is wonderfully spicy, the pesto bread is a killer deal, and the beers on tap are great. Not to mention, the guys working there really know what they’re talking about.
    And best of all, they deliver.


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