Rumormill: Lounge on 20 to be German Pub

This is all I know. The space formerly occupied by Lounge on 20 is slated to become a German eatery and bar. Now, I’m sure, with only about 10 seconds of thinking, you could come up with a funny and mostly crude name invoking sausages that would play up the new restaurant’s Lavender Heights location.

7 thoughts on “Rumormill: Lounge on 20 to be German Pub”

  1. I have fond memories of this place in Texas:

    I’d love a real German deli here in town. They could work with that terrific sausage place down on Franklin, Morant’s, to offer all sorts of good cured meats and sausages. Good imported German and Belgian beers. Real Braunschweiger. MmmmmmMmmm


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