Doughbot Turns Its Sugary Ship Around

Great things come in pink boxes

Last fall, I was gaga over the prospective opening of Doughbot, a funky, irreverent doughnut dispensary way too close to my home. When it finally opened, I was less than whelmed. I found the doughnuts chewy and unappealing, the toppings one-dimensional, and the frequent sell-outs and equipment related shut downs amateurish.

However, less than a year after opening, this doughbot is running on all doughy cylinders. I hadn’t visited in over six months and stopped in on a whim needing coffee more than a treat. Not one to pass up a doughnut (for the sake of research) I sampled one, the blueberry/cornmeal, and knew right away that things had changed at the d-bot.

This doughnut was mind-blowing: dense, sugary, fruity, and ever so slightly crunchy. I had to try another. I tried the maple bacon. Hard to screw that up, yes? However, d-bot’s initial offering last year was, to put it hyperbolically, a doughbortion. There’s nothing sadder than a disgusting soggy bacon doughball. This current incarnation however, was a thing of culinary beauty. It was pillowy, bacony, syrupy without being cloying. I was in heaven. Doughbot had become that thing that I had hoped for, the best doughnut shop in town.

I’m a convert. I’m sold. I’m investing in Ukrainian diet pills for the duration.

Doughbot- 2226 10th St (at W). 444-5157,

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