IPA Day is Thursday!

Beautiful local hop vines, courtesy of Rick Sellers (Pacific Brew News)

The signature beer of the Western United States, the India Pale Ale (IPA) will be celebrated across the country tomorrow with the 2nd annual IPA Day.

The question is… how do you celebrate this? Do you simply crack one (or several) open, or are there more complicated ways to do it?

This is my confusion about this celebration.

I am all for celebrating one of the great American beer styles. Yes, I am aware of the history of the IPA, but it cannot be argued that Americans are at the forefront of pushing this style to the edge. I just wish that Sacramento knew about this event, and who is going to enable their hoppy celebrations.

Let me be clear that this is not a criticism of the organizers. This is meant to be a DIY holiday, where the day is declared, and it is up to local watering holes and breweries to take it upon themselves to decide how they want to celebrate it and to promote it. The Twitter tag is #IPADay, where spots should be promoting their events. So where are the promotions, Sacramento?

I would have never known about this event except through word of mouth. So, from their mouths, to my keyboard, to your screen, here are a few events:

*Hot City Pizza, which is indisputably the king of Sacramento’s IPA joints, will feature 8 of their favorite IPAs for $2 through Sunday ($3 for Sculpin).

*The Shack will also be celebrating with live music, BBQ and several IPAs from Boulder, Bison and High Water on special by the pint or by flights.

*Rubicon Brewing will have one of California’s oldest IPAs as well as one of the newest, the Three Bricks IPA from Sierra Nevada. Owner Glynn Phillips also pointed out that everyday is IPA day at The Rubicon.

*Dad’s Kitchen will host a party featuring Boulder, Bison and High Water Brewing.

*Extreme Pizza will have a selection each from Drakes and Bison.

*River Rock Tap House is closed. Dammit.

Pangaea, Firestone Tap House, Samuel Horne’s Tavern were all unaware of the event, but wisely told me that they will feature their usual selections which always includes several IPAs.

If you have a local beer joint, go out and see if they have their own celebration in mind. If they do not, let them know about the event, and maybe they will be on board next year!

4 thoughts on “IPA Day is Thursday!”

  1. Hey now, Samuel Horne’s is certainly aware of the event… we just think having six to eight awesome IPAs (Belgian, Single, Double, Triple IPAs – we love ’em all) on at any given time seems like a great way to celebrate the hops. 🙂 Like I said, every day is IPA day. As for your critique, keep in mind the day is largely the brainchild of a wonderful woman that works for a particular brewery. The distributor that represents said company seemed to imply that participation in this celebration of hops meant bringing in brands that weren’t part of the regular rotation (all brands that this distributor manage). So, don’t be too hard on the bar owners and managers – some folks just didn’t feel the need to bring in brand x for an event promoted and seemingly owned by one distributor in the region.


  2. Good to know! I thought it was strange that, locally, most participating places were pouring very similar beers, while other spots chose to feature their own choices of IPAs.

    As for the distributor…. well, I can’t fault them for promoting their own products, but I can’t say that I am in favor of their implying that only certain brands “counted” for this day, when the website for the event clearly says that it is a celebration of all things IPA and did not sound at all like it was meant to promote that one brand which the co-organizer works for.

    FYI, I called Sam’s to ask about the event and was told that you were not “participating” but were pouring several IPAs. I understand the confusion on both ends about the day.


  3. Flaming Grill Cafe – Exotic Burgers & Draft Beer is offering Pliney the Elder & Knee Deep Hoptologist specials as well as discounted pints. Just saw it on their website!!


  4. By participating it was only to imply that we weren’t doing the Boulder/High Water/Bison pours that folks seemed to be focused on. No worries. The illustrious Tom Daldorf will be making his way to the new “High Gravity” today to ‘Celebrate’ IPA Day – if you’re in the neighborhood. I plan to celebrate with an Imax viewing of Batman.


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