Sac Library has LHS kids’ science kits with free passes

With school around the corner you may be looking for fun science projects to do with the kids, either to supplement the science/tech curriculum or to actually have one. Obviously the Sacramento Public Library is a great place to start, and its offering got even better recently with the addition of these “Check Out Science” kits from Lawrence Hall of Science.

Each kit includes a “Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading” book, a full activity notecard, and a “Check Out Science” observation notebook that is your child’s to keep. And another awesome thing about these kits is that they come with one free kids’ pass to Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.

There are kits on “Outdoor Observations” (may I suggest taking this one with you to Ancil Hoffman?), making glue, magnets–how do they work?, rivers and streams (another Ancil Hoffman suggestion there) and several other topics (8 kits total). Use the pass to check it out, then get a membership at Explorit in Davis to get in free to Explorit as well as LHS and the Exploratorium and hundreds of other awesome tech museums all around the US.

SPL also has Crocker Art Packs which includes free passes to Crocker, and the Rancho Cordova branch also has free passes to the Sacramento Children’s Museum.

Author: CoolDMZ

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