Electro Group, hearts+horses @ Bows & Arrows, 3/8

Electro Group. Getting the band back together!

Great electro pop show Friday night at Bows & Arrows, with Electro Group, hearts+horses, and Arts & Leisure for only $5! The Bows blog has a great writeup on all the bands.

This lineup really tugs at my heartstrings. In the late ’90s Electro Group and Park Avenue were two of my favorite local bands; saw them dozens of times in places like Capitol Garage and another venue–cannot recall the name, help me out, 90s kids!–that was in the spot currently occupied by Bows & Arrows, behind Profound Sound at the time. For a time my sonic world was permeated by Electro Group’s heavy fuzz and “Lifter/Green Machine” was on heavy rotation.

Hearts+horses definitely has the charming mystery of Juju Hearts and Wes Steed’s earlier outfit Park Avenue. I’m not sure if I ever saw Park Avenue play with Mates of State or if I just dreamed up that perfect lineup. Hearts+horses’ sound occupies a lot of space, it has that “music from a film” quality. Here’s “Forget I Said Anything” from the band’s Soundcloud:

Arts & Leisure’s pedigree is former members of Baby Grand. It’s a winning sound, especially when they play to their 80s “girl band” strengths, like on “Wolf Pack”:

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