Is someone trying to give away the McKinley Park geese?

Clearly McKinley pond

Mrs Cool spotted this Craigslist ad, through which it appears someone is trying to get the McKinley Park duck/goose hybrids adopted. The McKinley fowl, of course, were in the news recently, as the City is being pressured to have a better plan for ensuring they are fed balanced diets.

Did the City post this without attributing it? Did one of the concerned citizens from the Bee article post this, and is that chill? The ad claims the birds were abandoned, but how would one know this, and in either case if they are living at the park, aren’t they public fowl now, or something? Help me out, fowl devotees.

Author: CoolDMZ

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7 thoughts on “Is someone trying to give away the McKinley Park geese?”

  1. from them: “We are a group of neighbors who have permission (and blessings) from the City of Sacramento to rehome domestic fowl.”


  2. That’s cool, though the whole thing is still weird. I didn’t get a chance to email the advertiser for that answer, so thanks for doing my “job” for me!


  3. Conversely, we had the opposite problem in Land Park with geese disappearing. I recall at one point some southeast Asian men were caught driving away from the park with a trunkload of squawking geese. I like to have faith in my fellow man, but somehow I don’t think these guys had a pond and proper fowl food waiting for these particular geese.


  4. I work at Howe Park which has a nice pond, home to a couple dozen ducks and a few geese. A couple of years ago, a couple of Muscovy ducks appeared there, and were driven out by the natives so they’d stand around in the parking lot, looking all friendly and pet-like, and sometimes hang out in the tree shade with the homeless guys and their dogs. Wildlife rescue folks found them new homes. The day Mr. Cool’s post appeared, a large white duck, like those pictured, was standing at the door of our office. The following day, we were told that a duck was being attacked by the local ducks. Our General Manager went out and found it waterlogged, hypothermic, and near drowned, and it looked just like the one that had been hanging outside. He brought it into the office to warm up and the good wildlife folks came and took it to the shelter at McClellan to recover and it is being adopted. I truly wonder if it was a McKinley bird that had been ill-advisably “re-homed” into an unwelcoming Howe Park duck/goose community by a Craigslist reader.


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