Food TV arrest in Vacaville

Not a Plasma TVSo news that happens in Vacaville is nearly out of the border for SacRag reporting, but this is too tasty of a story to pass up.

Vacaville police are warning residents to be cautious of electronic scams that have been occurring in the area after a man was arrested attempting to pass off shrink-wrapped oven doors as state-of-the-art plasma HDTVs. Apparently, authorities were alerted after a frugal shopper discovered that the “high-definition television” being sold out of the back of a blue Integra was not, as advertised, “the deal of the century.”

Also featured for won’t-be-undersold prices: Laptop computer boxes full of flooring tile.

Now I’m always looking for a good deal on electronics- but somehow my Spider-Sense would start tingling if the deal was to be found in the trunk of a crappy Acura in the middle of Vacaville. Really- who’s falling for this? Or has my Sacramento “big city” street-smarts made me too cunning of an adversary for these flimflammers?

Sacramento: Ferrari Capital of North America?

Ok, this is getting a little ridiculous.

I remember a time when the Ferrari was an unattainable God-among-automobiles-  Where the vision of them could only be seen on posters and car magazines.  But now it seems like every time I run an errand around Sac, there’s another one zipping by me.

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