Burger Battle Tomorrow

Just in case you thought that ramen, or salumi, or Korean tacos were the next big thing, the simple burger is back to establish its supremacy as America’s (and Sacramento’s) original “big thing.” It’s called the Sacramento Burger Battle.

Tomorrow night at Raley Field, over a dozen local burger slingers will pit their skills against one another to see whose burger is the mightiest, juciest, burgeriest, thing you can stick in your mouth. Tix are $55 (which is, yes, a little pricey), but it includes beer and wine tasting, burgers, live music, and ladies who will grind your meat food.

No one under 21 allowed (sorry kids). Proceeds will go to charity, a real charity and not some tea party front organization. Get all the details at http://www.sacburgerbattle.com.  See you there.

GreenBeet makes top 10 list

GreenBeet has a ticket to the gun show apparently.

Congratulations are in order for part-time Sac Rag author, GreenBeet (@AwakeAtTheWhisk), as she made CBS Sacramento’s recent list of 10 Best Sacramento Foodies To Follow On Twitter.

It’s hard not to love a foodie with the witty name “Awake at the Whisk.” Amber describes herself as “living la vida locavore!” She’s from Sacramento and her long-ago switch to a health-conscious vegetarian diet is a win for foodies looking for unique recipes and recommendations. Amber is a fanatic about keeping things healthy, striving to always use organic local products and support those who share similar goals. Her recipes are creative and often made with ingredients she has grown herself. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, it’s nearly impossible not to want to make everything on her blog.

Fellow Sac Rag food-loving author, sac-eats, was unavailable for comment and is currently not a member of the Twittersphere.

New Ramen Shop Coming to Midtown

Here’s the scoop: my favorite Japanese restaurant in town, Akebono, is opening a ramen shop on 19th and S. They’re taking over the space currently held by Jalisco’s Mexican restaurant.

A) I have heard nothing but limp reviews of Jalisco’s so no loss there. B) Akebono’s new enterprise will be pork based ramen only (sorry vegetarians (not actually sorry)). C) It will be better, bigger, and open later than Shoki. D) I can’t wait for ramen weather.

Why do you think we drink so much?

Sacramento "Bees" Cheerleaders having a drink or two.
Where do people get these crazy ideas?
The Sacramento Bee takes on this question and suggests some interesting theories. I have a feeling our readers my have a stronger opinion or two than the trolls who read the Bee. The lean with this article, however, is on drunk driving and Sacramento’s high alcohol-related accidents.

One is how easy it is get a drink. Per person, Sacramento has more groceries, drugstores and other liquor outlets to buy booze than any big city in the state, other than Bakersfield, according to state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control numbers.

Nah, I think the old “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” response applies here.

One patron, Jeremiah Harvey, a 27-year-old lawyer, said many people aren’t as afraid of getting a DUI as they used to be because the price isn’t as high. “Now, it’s going to be expensive, but it’s not going to ruin your life,” he said, sipping a bourbon at de Vere’s Irish Pub. In Sacramento County, a first-time DUI offender typically pays about $2,000 in fines and court costs, has to spend at least 48 hours on a work project and serves three years on probation.

Now we’re talking. The old “Risk/Reward” logic. Could be on to something here.

And yet another factor could be that Sacramento is the state capital, where alcohol lubricates the wheeling and dealing. Public officials sometimes set a bad example. Just since spring 2010, state Finance Director Ana Matosantos, Assemblyman Martin Garrick and then-state Sen. Roy Ashburn all pleaded no contest to driving drunk downtown.

Not bad, our culture definitely follows the “Do as I say, not as I do” approach to behavior.

So, what do you think? Like the article says, should we even admit we have a problem?

The Pour House: Insert second pun here

Sporting wood, lots of wood.

Opened just weeks ago at the old digs of Whiskey Wild (20th and Q), The Pour House is doing a few things right.

The interior of this place is really pretty amazing. It feels like a converted barn, a secret hideout, a rural county watering hole rehabbed by some visionary soul with deep pockets. Dark, rough wood rings the primary bar, lighting is genius, palette ranges from rich cocoa to calfskin. I absolutely love the feel of the place.

Seems a shame that I’ll rarely go back. And it’s not for lack of service, which is more than adequate (and comely to boot), nor is it for the lack of selection, which verges on copious for beers and solid for spirits, nor for the food which is satisfactory if not memorable, nor for the prices which are highish but fair. No, it’s the crowd. Continue reading “The Pour House: Insert second pun here”

Some food trucks just want to watch the world burn

indian street food worth waiting for
By Robert Couse-Baker

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that I should probably try harder to not suck at writing. Updates below for clarity.

I had never really gotten too fired up about the food truck controversy here until I read the Bee article this weekend about the So Cal group throwing a wrench in things by holding up a piece of paper called the US Constitution and pointing at it. Matt Geller, a “food truck advocate” from LA and head of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association wants the California Mobile Food Association, the advocacy group here in Sac, to stop trying to work with the Legislature to cooperate with “brick and mortar” restaurant owners on laws allowing cities to slap new regulations on food trucks. Continue reading “Some food trucks just want to watch the world burn”

IPA Day is Thursday!

Beautiful local hop vines, courtesy of Rick Sellers (Pacific Brew News)

The signature beer of the Western United States, the India Pale Ale (IPA) will be celebrated across the country tomorrow with the 2nd annual IPA Day.

The question is… how do you celebrate this? Do you simply crack one (or several) open, or are there more complicated ways to do it?

This is my confusion about this celebration.

I am all for celebrating one of the great American beer styles. Yes, I am aware of the history of the IPA, but it cannot be argued that Americans are at the forefront of pushing this style to the edge. I just wish that Sacramento knew about this event, and who is going to enable their hoppy celebrations.
Continue reading “IPA Day is Thursday!”

Brilliant, Just Brilliant

A few weeks ago I wrote about the space formerly occupied by Lounge on 20 converting to a German pub. Due to the fabulousness of the neighborhood, (Lavender Heights) there were many names suggested by readers that had to do clever sausage puns. However, the owners opted for Oscar Wilde-esque drollness with their choice of name: Low Brau.

Kudos, witty restaurateurs.

Sacramento BLT Week 2012

Sacramento Bacon Fest 2012 begins on Monday! Ride the bacon bike crawl!

Enjoy local bacon!
Sacramento Bacon Fest continues its culinary awesomeness by declaring Sacramento BLT Week to begin on Monday and run July 16-22.

All week, hit up The Golden Bear, Bacon & Butter, Mulvaney’s B&L, Magpie Cafe, Restaurant THIR13EN, Grange Restaurant, Blackbird Kitchen and Bar, Shady Lady, and Fat Face at Bows & Arrows to try their best bacon-lettuce-tomato creations. As Sacramento is a culinary town that loves sourcing local and fresh products, I am looking forward to not only the taste of deliciousness, but also of consciousness.

The week culminates on Saturday with a bike crawl that includes bite-sized BLTs at each location so you can vote on the best. Tickets here. That evening, get bacony at Fat Face at Bows & Arrows.

Next year, I recommend a contest for most delicious costumes with bonus points for using real bacon.

Best Thing I Put In My Mouth This Week: Store Bought Ice Cream Edition

So far I’ve only been able to find it at Taylor’s. Strauss Family Creamery Brown Sugar and Banana Ice Cream (with dark chocolate chunks).

It’s incredible, delectable, and packaged in a diminutive enough container so as not to cause gastric expansion on a geological scale. And it’s from those cute folks at Strauss Creamery who package their milk in glass bottles like right thinking greenies from Sonoma County should.