KCRA: “Bullying is a choice”

What choice did he have?

Let me start by saying I don’t think bullying is funny. But let me continue by saying that I think KCRA’s new “Bullying is a choice” campaign is hilarious.

Bullying, it’s not a one size fits all problem and there are no easy solutions. But it’s a problem that can no longer be ignored.

There’s no one correct stance, according to KCRA, but I’m supposed to “take a pledge” against it. And the silly word choice doesn’t end there. The page is titled “Bullying Resources, Education.” Is this offering tips on how to get full wetness with your swirlies? Maps to find groups of people playing Magic: The Gathering? Shouldn’t someone have suggested that it should say Anti-Bullying Resources? Continue reading “KCRA: “Bullying is a choice””

Armstrong, Getty and the prophet Muhammed

Local radio hosts Armstrong and Getty are embroiled in a controversy about Muhammed, violence, religious tolerance and freedom of speech.

Speaking of freedom, a freedom of speech battle is playing out on your A.M radio dial at Talk 650 KSTE. Popular morning show hosts Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty of The Armstrong & Getty Show were unexpectedly absent from their live show today and replaced by a pre-recorded ‘Best-of’ broadcast.

Local news is reporting that on Monday, the duo risked inflaming the violence resulting from earthly depictions of the prophet Muhammed, including the recent murder of four American diplomatic personnel in Libya . Here is a 45 second clip from the show in question where they are discussing this incident. The controversy is a seemingly off-the-cuff remark by Armstrong that someone should “make an anti-Muhammed ad and post it to Al Jazeera.” Someone (A&G??) states on a new Facebook page that media outlets are repeatedly misrepresenting their words. As this happened today, details are still unfolding.
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Sac’s kids today

One of many fun outdoor things kids could be seen doing recently. Gold Rush Daze 1 by C.M. Keiner on Flickr

I know a few of us bloggers like to joke about how we are grumpy old men trapped in svelte, exquisitely toned younger men’s bodies. But I’d like us to take a moment to make fun of this awesome op-ed that takes it to a professional level. It’s a “Special to The Bee” from Bruce Maiman, a former radio show host living in Rocklin:

With Labor Day weekend behind us and the unofficial end of summer upon us, I’m reminded of something I rarely see anymore: kids playing outside. Have you noticed? Over the years, there’s less and less of it. Why?

Feel free to tell me your favorite part. I think my favorite is where he completely discounts skateboarding, a great outdoor activity, but cites playing with army guys as an example of acceptable “outdoor play.” Or maybe when he laments that kids here in Sacramento, on the West Coast of the United States, are rarely found bottling fireflies. Or when he blames the 24 hour news cycle for scaring parents into keeping their kids indoors, paragraphs after raising the specter of rising obesity as a scare tactic to get kids outside playing stickball.

Lisa Gonzales leaves KOVR 13

It’s always fun when a local news personality leaves to join another local news agency as they have to show excitement about the new job without seeming glad to be out of the old.

Take this story from KCRA about Lisa Gonzales joining KCRA.

“I am honored and humbled to work at the station I grew up watching. This is a rare opportunity and an exciting new chapter in my career,” said Gonzales. “I can’t wait to get started!”

You know, as opposed to the station you grew up ignoring?

I enjoyed her stuff over at KOVR 13 and look forward to seeing her on KCRA 3’s morning show.

Bankert to leave KCRA

I was bummed to read that KCRA’s Adrienne Bankert (@adriennebankert) has taken a job at a television in Dallas.

Adrienne, who joined the KCRA-KQCA family in 2004, will be moving to Dallas to start her new job as co-anchor of weekday morning newscasts at KTVT. In 2004, Adrienne came home to Northern California to join the Traffic Pulse 3 team at KCRA 3. She would later become a morning reporter and co-anchor for KCRA 3 and KQCA My58 TV.

I just recently ran into Adrienne at the airport as she interviewed my family after a long flight about a story she was working on. She was as pleasant in person as she is on TV. We even did the tweetering thing.

She’s a class act and will be missed.

Here is Adrienne getting all verklempt on the air.

Sacramento Parent goes glam

Sacramento Parent is one of those free advertorial magazines you see in places that moms tend to gather. Typically it features local parents, mostly moms, and articles of interest to families.

The cover of this month’s edition features “The Real Housewives of Sacramento” (2009 called, it wants its pop cultural reference back). The article itself is light on substance (the moms struggle with trying to do too much! Some random person that you don’t know turns out to be a gun lover!) but the cover photo is pretty barftastic:

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“We like Mitzi for this one… The M.O. matches”

20120420-075325.jpgMrs. Cool and I got an inappropriate amount of enjoyment from this KCRA article about a roving gang of aggressive dogs that is terrorizing folks from Woodland to West Sac: String Of Dog-Biting Incidents Investigated

Sheriff’s deputies said Thursday that they are looking for dogs involved in five biting incidents in Yolo County.
Deputies said three dog bites took place in Davis, one in Woodland and one in West Sacramento.

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Midtown Monthly ceasing publication

Tim “Old Man” Foster blogs today on MidownMonthly.net that the March issue of Midtown Monthly will be the last issue.

I’m sad, but I’m also proud. I’m proud of the work that our contributors have done. I’m proud of the contribution that Midtown Monthly has made to the public narrative of Sacramento. I’m proud that we spotlighted a side of Sacramento that is often ignored, or even maligned. I’m proud that in over five years I’ve never published anything I didn’t stand behind.

DEFINITELY not something I can say about this here web log. (Speaking only for things I have written, of course.)

Though I’m not a Midtown resident I’ve definitely always been a reader. Here’s hoping the Internet and possibly other alternative publications can take up the charge of spotlighting Midtown’s culture.

Bee sees stars aligning for Kings AND Sacramento A’s?

"Stop the game, Shoggoth on the court again..."

No, not the more sober voices of Voisin, Breton and Jason Jones. I’m talking about this piece of science fiction by Tom Couzens.

Fast forward to the morning of Oct. 30, 2015.

Kings fans calling in to ESPN 1320’s local morning sports show are still worked up after last night’s emotional first game at VSP Pavilion at the Railyards.

It goes on from there. I can see why Don Geronimo has so much fun with this guy. My question is, why stop at 2 new arenas and an additional major sports franchise? Why only envision the Kings making a successful squad out of players they currently have? Why not imagine they are led by Durant, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan? Why imagine that humans still travel by light rail in 2015 and not personal jetpack? Why assume the Ancient And Unspeakable Ones won’t return in 2012, obliterating all hopes of anything being in existence in 2015 much less Sacramento’s human citizens? (OK I’ve been having a little too much fun reading Hodgman’s new book…)