Signs, signs everywhere

Occupy Sacramento attracted hundreds of protesters today.

Protesters gain credibility with both correct spelling and witty observations
Today’s Occupy Sacramento gathering was interesting mix of social activists, anarcho-punks, young hippies, libertarians, commies, old hippies, homeless, students, zeitgeisters, union folk, families, crazies and others. I failed in my attempt to spot the FBI agent (you know there was one), but maybe she was off getting lunch while I was there. As I am fascinated with communication tools such as T-shirts and bumper stickers, I took plenty of pictures of the signage (posted after the jump). Spelling and grammar were both spot on, so don’t expect a crop of hilarious, left wing examples of Teabonics.

After speaking to several of the organizers, I became impressed with their intentions and plans to work with the participants on developing goals and policy recommendations to back up their frustration with government and corporations. I also appreciated the good nature, friendliness and humor of participants as they held votes on long term strategies and short term plans for things like food and Porta-Potties. This was not an angry demonstration, but a determined one.

Unfortunately for them, much of these planning efforts will be wasted as their camping plans will be interrupted by SacPD tonight. It seemed to be common knowledge among everyone except the protestors that they would either leave by 11pm or be arrested. A few hours after I learned of this, the first warning was issued that the party would not be a sleepover.

Despite their impending removal, organizers are determined to continue to refine their message and disseminate it through a variety of channels, including social media, news and through demonstrations. Follow them on their competing Facebook pages and web sites.

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You + Cell Phone + Mirror = Bad Idea

Seriously, folks, I don’t care who you are, if you find yourself nude in front of a mirror and look over at your cell phone and think “oh, what the hell,” think of this post.

This story about the Kennedy football coach resigning after his team was involved in a brawl with McClatchy on Friday AND “a revealing photo became public and made its way onto Twitter” is just too much.

The photo shows Lusk wearing a thong and taking a cell phone picture of himself while posing in front of a mirror.

Hey, what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business, but that little “smart” phone of yours is your ticket to trouble.

Now that I think of it, I should invent an app that disables a phone’s camera feature once it detects that it’s being held up to a mirror. Hmm, with Steve Jobs gone, we will need innovative ideas like this. Who is with me?

Occupy Sacramento

The Occupy protest movement will launch Occupy Sacramento tomorrow at Caesar Chavez Park, 9AM. A flood of communications about this is on their Facebook page. My favorite post is from the confused dude who showed up today to find that nobody was there but farmers selling produce.

My conspiratorially minded mind wonders about these Anonymous folks, false flag attacks on the protest movement and who exactly is selling those sweet masks.

Please plan your commute accordingly, and look out for Tony Bologna.

Sheep take over Garden Highway

Sheep the size of sheep, but they're sheep!
I'm sure the homeless will learn to love their new neighbors

I was riding along the Garden Highway this morning when I noticed some temporary style fencing along the river side. I quickly discovered why this fencing was installed (excuse the poor photo quality as my “smartphone” is anything but).

I even noticed a dog herding the weed eaters. There were so many, too, it was fun to watch. Anyone know what’s going on here? Just some inexpensive weed control? Or is it?

New Midtown Goodwill Opens with Boutique Flare

Sacramento’s thrift store junkies will have a new spot to shop for treasures. This morning, Goodwill opened a new boutique outlet in Midtown at 1621 L Street.

By noon the place was already crawling with shoppers on the hunt for a bargain. Designer shoes and purses were neatly stacked to the exposed ceilings. Color-coordinated racks were stuffed to overflowing with name-brand labels like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor–all with affordable price tags ranging from $6 to $15.

Twitter is aflutter with raves reviews from Sac’s local hipsters who descended upon the store today. Ashlee Gadd’s opinion, posted via Twitter: “Verdict is out: the new Midtown Goodwill rocks.” I agree!

Can You Spare a Square?

Once a year, the Sacramento nonprofit scene becomes aflutter with talk of a critical matter: toilet paper! That’s right–toilet paper. Like paper clips and copy paper, local nonprofits can’t live without the stuff. But it costs money they’d rather be spending on programs, like saving cuddly kittens or helping homeless women find jobs.

Can you spare a square? If so, today is the official drop-off day for the annual United Way toilet paper drive. Last year they brought in 50,000 rolls (that’s a lot of squares!). This year, they’re challenging the community to help them bring in 60,000.

The drive will take place today (Thursday) until 7 p.m. at the Cal Expo main entrance, 1600 Exposition Boulevard in Sacramento. The rolls will be distributed the following week to United Way’s certified nonprofit partners in Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo counties. For more information, visit

Sacramento joins list of worst

A Sacramento job seeker
This creative job seeker feels the pain

We usually can’t go more than a few months without learning of a list Sacramento has made. Yesterday, I came across this list from (I’m behind, it’s from May) letting me know that Sacramento “topped” a list along with Riverside and Las Vegas. There is one thing I know about cities in the United States and that is you never want to be mentioned with Riverside or Las Vegas. This particular list, of course, has us placing as the third worst city for job seekers in America.

Unemployment rate: 12.7 percent…Unemployed people per job posting: 3.10…Construction employment in Sacramento was down 8.8 percent in April from one year prior. The trade, transportation, and utilities sector also continues to shed jobs.

We were grouped in as “Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville” though which means, well, I’m not sure what it means other than we share the honor with another city and a census-designated place. Which is, as everyone knows, a principal locality of the Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Take that, Rancho Cordova!

Cal Expo opens 9/11 Memorial today

Amid all the high-fiving, America, Fuck Yeah!-ing and patriotic thong wearing, today’s events also give us the opportunity to think about the tragedy and loss we have seen over the past 10 years. The 9-11 Memorial Plaza at Cal Expo will be open from Noon-7pm today for quiet reflection, contemplation and community unity. I know someone who lost her life in these senseless, violent times. Chances are, you know someone as well. I don’t find much comfort in celebrating the death of the man who killed her, but I do celebrate the chance that this may bring us one step closer to an end to the killing. To that, I lift my glass.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled snark.

Morning Commute

I knew that the flood concerns were at their highest level yet in Northern California this winter, with two dozen major river segments now at “monitor” stage, but I had to see it to really believe it. Wow. I was not prepared to walk my bike, waist-high, over and under and through the woods and am paying for it today with no dry socks. The Del Paso Boulevard floodgate was a real sight, too.

Here’s a slideshow of some photos I took this morning on my way in. Starting around mile 3 of the American River Parkway.