Did we mention the dog?

Man Dies In Natomas Apartment Fire
Don’t you die on me, little guy!
A man died in a Natomas apartment complex fire Thursday morning. Enough about the loss of human life though, a dog was saved!

A small dog was rescued from the complex and resuscitated by a firefighter. “It’s kind of cool. I don’t really like dogs, but I like this one,” Firefighter Ross Palmerton said after saving the dog.

Details about the man were not released, but the precious little pooch is small and scraggly and loves to be taken on long walks just as the sun sets over the Sacramento River.

Intel is hiring/has hired/can’t hire again

Job seekers certainly took notice of a headline in the Bee on Saturday announcing that “Intel in Folsom is hiring again.” The story supports this encouraging headline, too, in the first sentence.

After a decade of downsizing at its Folsom campus, Intel Corp. has begun hiring again.

Great, so you *are* hiring folks.

The Santa Clara-based high-tech company, one of the largest private employers in the Sacramento region, said it has added nearly 370 workers to its local operation since January.

Ok, so you *have* hired this year.

Intel spokesman Mark Pettinger noted that the company has recently instituted a hiring freeze. But Pettinger added that Intel could bring on additional hires at the Folsom campus if the economy picks up.

Oh, I see, you *aren’t hiring* right now, but wanted to let us know that you *could* hire again if things get better in this nasty economy?

Am I missing something here, folks?

FBI Creepiness at CSUS

Why was the FBI undercover at Sac State this week? And why were they mistaken for perverts?

Earlier this week at Sac State, a female student reported two suspicious men to SSPD. The men, described as in their 50s, approached her and identified themselves as undercover campus security officers. They asked her to accompany them to a nearby parking lot to assist them in an investigation. She wisely refused.

After the Police alerted the University community about the attempted weirdness, adding that they do not employ plainclothes policemen, people freaked the hell out. Safety meetings occurred frequently. Thankfully, no further incidents of creepiness occurred, but the suspects still remained at large.

A second statement was issued by campus police yesterday announcing the threat to be unfounded. Was it a fanciful yarn spun by a lonely freshman desperate for attention during her first month away from home? A prank inspired by a wacky 80’s low-budget college sex romp, or a terrifying 90’s high-budget torture porn? Sorority initiation time again?

No, they were undercover FBI agents.

Assuming this entire story isn’t a load of hooey, something still doesn’t add up for me. If these men were FBI, why wouldn’t they identify themselves as being FBI? For someone investigating crimes at a University, the worst disguise is “undercover campus cop”. Very fishy. So what really happened?
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Signs, signs everywhere

Occupy Sacramento attracted hundreds of protesters today.

Protesters gain credibility with both correct spelling and witty observations
Today’s Occupy Sacramento gathering was interesting mix of social activists, anarcho-punks, young hippies, libertarians, commies, old hippies, homeless, students, zeitgeisters, union folk, families, crazies and others. I failed in my attempt to spot the FBI agent (you know there was one), but maybe she was off getting lunch while I was there. As I am fascinated with communication tools such as T-shirts and bumper stickers, I took plenty of pictures of the signage (posted after the jump). Spelling and grammar were both spot on, so don’t expect a crop of hilarious, left wing examples of Teabonics.

After speaking to several of the organizers, I became impressed with their intentions and plans to work with the participants on developing goals and policy recommendations to back up their frustration with government and corporations. I also appreciated the good nature, friendliness and humor of participants as they held votes on long term strategies and short term plans for things like food and Porta-Potties. This was not an angry demonstration, but a determined one.

Unfortunately for them, much of these planning efforts will be wasted as their camping plans will be interrupted by SacPD tonight. It seemed to be common knowledge among everyone except the protestors that they would either leave by 11pm or be arrested. A few hours after I learned of this, the first warning was issued that the party would not be a sleepover.

Despite their impending removal, organizers are determined to continue to refine their message and disseminate it through a variety of channels, including social media, news and through demonstrations. Follow them on their competing Facebook pages and web sites.

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You + Cell Phone + Mirror = Bad Idea

Seriously, folks, I don’t care who you are, if you find yourself nude in front of a mirror and look over at your cell phone and think “oh, what the hell,” think of this post.

This story about the Kennedy football coach resigning after his team was involved in a brawl with McClatchy on Friday AND “a revealing photo became public and made its way onto Twitter” is just too much.

The photo shows Lusk wearing a thong and taking a cell phone picture of himself while posing in front of a mirror.

Hey, what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business, but that little “smart” phone of yours is your ticket to trouble.

Now that I think of it, I should invent an app that disables a phone’s camera feature once it detects that it’s being held up to a mirror. Hmm, with Steve Jobs gone, we will need innovative ideas like this. Who is with me?

Occupy Sacramento

The Occupy protest movement will launch Occupy Sacramento tomorrow at Caesar Chavez Park, 9AM. A flood of communications about this is on their Facebook page. My favorite post is from the confused dude who showed up today to find that nobody was there but farmers selling produce.

My conspiratorially minded mind wonders about these Anonymous folks, false flag attacks on the protest movement and who exactly is selling those sweet masks.

Please plan your commute accordingly, and look out for Tony Bologna.

Sheep take over Garden Highway

Sheep the size of sheep, but they're sheep!
I'm sure the homeless will learn to love their new neighbors

I was riding along the Garden Highway this morning when I noticed some temporary style fencing along the river side. I quickly discovered why this fencing was installed (excuse the poor photo quality as my “smartphone” is anything but).

I even noticed a dog herding the weed eaters. There were so many, too, it was fun to watch. Anyone know what’s going on here? Just some inexpensive weed control? Or is it?