Hitting the reset button

We at the Sac Rag realize none of you care about the Sacramento Kings professional basketball team, but you can’t help but be depressed moved bummed out by this post-game press conference after another ugly loss.

The sad state of the Kings is making national news and while a coaching change seems to make sense, owner Joe Maloof is denying anyone is on their way out.

When pressed, Maloof said definitively that Petrie and Westphal will be in their positions for the remainder of the 2010-11 season regardless of how many games the team loses. “Yes,” Maloof said. “We’re not making any moves. The answer is yes.” A person with direct knowledge of recent statements by a high-ranking member of the organization painted a different picture, telling CBSSports.com that frustration with the Kings’ 5-22 record had reached a breaking point. At one point after the Kings’ 84-79 home loss to the Bucks Thursday night, owner Gavin Maloof was overheard in the tunnel saying that the culture of the organization had to change. “It’s time to hit the reset button,” Gavin Maloof said, according to the source.

Maybe the NBA could take over this team, too?

Another DUI for Kings player

Another member of the Sacramento Kings was arrested Thursday night for driving under the influence. I know, blah, blah, yawn, yawn.

What does interest me though are the comments and statements that make up these articles.

…said in the team statement Friday that his client is cooperating fully with police in nearby Rocklin.

Really? So we should think a little more of his client because he’s not kicking and screaming and telling everyone to eff off?

In a press release, Wright said, “I’m sorry for having gotten myself into this situation. I sincerely apologize to my teammates and coaches, the Sacramento Kings Organization, the Sacramento community and my family.”

In your prepared statement the best you could come up with was “having gotten myself into this situation”? And in the history of doing something wrong, how many people have not apologized afterward?

Now *that* would be a headline.