RIP, wandering emu

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How about this emu next
Creative Commons License photo credit: Vanessa Lynn.

Slow blog week, so let’s go ahead and talk about the poor “dispatched” emu. News10 (which is one of several news organizations which may or may not have run this same story at different times some of which may have been earlier than the posted time on the article on News10) reports:

SACRAMENTO, CA – CHP officials said despite attempts to chase, trap — even use a Taser — to subdue a stubborn loose emu, officers were ultimately forced to kill the wayward bird when the animal seemed determined to run into traffic on Interstate 5 near Sacramento International Airport Tuesday afternoon.

An important tidbit for would-be criminals is found further down on the page:

[T]he emu’s thick layer of feathers left the bird feeling little to no effect from the Tasers despite three separate jolts

Make us laugh, Sac Raggers…