Spring Sun brings Garden Fun!

Backyard Farmer GreenBeet & her 45 lb. watermelon from last summer's bounty.

I have someone I’d like you to meet.
It’s me. Myself. Good ol’ GreenBeet.

Did you know that I like to garden?
Not roses or pansies, I’ll beg your pardon!

I mean backyard farming with veggies and stuff
Not tulips and lilies and pansy girl fluff

I mean heirloom tomatoes—yes, hornworms and all
Watermelon in summer and spinach in fall

If there’s a veggie to grow, I’ll plant it and pray
That the aphids don’t kill it before it sees light of day

But I’m a serious gardener—I only eat what I grow
Well, I make exceptions for beer—I’m no ninny, you know

Now, I’d like to recruit you. Come e-farm with me!
We’ll each tend our own gardens, then meet here for e-tea Continue reading “Spring Sun brings Garden Fun!”