Spring Sun brings Garden Fun!

Backyard Farmer GreenBeet & her 45 lb. watermelon from last summer's bounty.

I have someone I’d like you to meet.
It’s me. Myself. Good ol’ GreenBeet.

Did you know that I like to garden?
Not roses or pansies, I’ll beg your pardon!

I mean backyard farming with veggies and stuff
Not tulips and lilies and pansy girl fluff

I mean heirloom tomatoes—yes, hornworms and all
Watermelon in summer and spinach in fall

If there’s a veggie to grow, I’ll plant it and pray
That the aphids don’t kill it before it sees light of day

But I’m a serious gardener—I only eat what I grow
Well, I make exceptions for beer—I’m no ninny, you know

Now, I’d like to recruit you. Come e-farm with me!
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Dirty Talk

Fancy-dancy 3-bin compost bin

You know you want to. Don’t hesitate any longer! Start making that dirty, dirty dirt! You know what I’m talking about. That’s right, baby. That thing that makes every girl smile: COMPOSTING!

Making dirt ain’t easy. You can’t just throw your scraps in a pile out your back door (unless you love rats). Indeed, there’s a science to the madness. It’s not rocket science, but an art nonetheless. 

Never fear! Help is near. Attend one of the following seminars, brought to you by the sexy City of Sacramento Department of Utilities Solid Waste Services, and you, too, will be making sweet dirt in no time.

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