Sacramento may have talent

No sword swallowing allowed
Creative Commons License photo credit: Genista
You won’t be able to perform
this talent at the audition

From we learn that auditions for the popular television show will be held today and tomorrow.

Come down to the all new Hyundai Store in the Westfield Downtown Plaza in Sacramento for your chance to put together an audition video which will be sent directly to the show’s casting director.

I did enjoy the “What Not to Bring” page.

We are sorry, but during the taping we cannot have fire, swords, or other sharp objects at the venue. If you have prop or dull swords, knifes, or other props that appear dangerous but are not, or if you need sharp tools (i.e screwdrivers, scissors, etc) to do your act, please bring a DVD of your act if your act.

And remember to…”arrive 10-20 minutes early to your taping location and a staff member will give you the rundown on what is expected. Each session will only last 90-seconds and you will only get one chance to get it right. You will not be able to re-do, so if you make a mistake, keep going.

This can’t miss.

Reminder: Survivor tryouts tomorrow

Those of you with free time tomorrow (Thursday, July 15th) may be interested in heading out to Thunder Valley Casino to audition for the next season of “Survivor” which will be held in Nicaraqua.

“This is no picnic. If they want to last on ‘Survivor,’ they have to be able to survive the Sacramento heat,” Elmets said.

Good one. I can’t believe this show has been on for years and still only offers up one million to the winner. Perhaps this will pave the way for Sacramento (Wow!) to host an American Idol audition (An official resolution? Double Wow!).