American Idol contestant to perform at tree lighting

According to (I smell a snark-off in the making), David Archuleta will be performing at the State Capitol Tree Lighting Ceremony tomorrow evening.

Who’s going? Tweet us at @snarkyarchies to be added to our Twitter list, and don’t forget to bring along some non-perishable food items for the WE Can Food Drive!

State Capitol Tree Lighting Ceremony
Tuesday, December 7, 2010
5 p.m. Holiday Celebration begins
West Lawn of the State Capitol

Reminder: Survivor tryouts tomorrow

Those of you with free time tomorrow (Thursday, July 15th) may be interested in heading out to Thunder Valley Casino to audition for the next season of “Survivor” which will be held in Nicaraqua.

“This is no picnic. If they want to last on ‘Survivor,’ they have to be able to survive the Sacramento heat,” Elmets said.

Good one. I can’t believe this show has been on for years and still only offers up one million to the winner. Perhaps this will pave the way for Sacramento (Wow!) to host an American Idol audition (An official resolution? Double Wow!).

David Cook gives The Fair what it needs

David Cook, in a photo that has been approved by his corporate overlords
David Cook, in a photo that has been approved for publication by his corporate overlords
Friday’s opening of the State Fair was capped with an appearance from American Idol David Cook. This was, without question, one of the funnest musical moments I have witnessed at The Fair in years.

Why? RELEVANCE! Most bands that play The Fair are either blasts from the past or up and comers. Cook is NOW, baby. The vibe from the audience was amazing as Fairgoers had the rare privilege to see someone playing Cal Expo whom they are listening to, today. And, as icing on the cake, he and his band met expectations and rocked the house.
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Vote for the Worst!

Fox 40 reported this weekend on the Web site Vote for the Worst, which is arguably the #1 fan site there is for American Idol. Since 2004, Sacramento resident Sean Fromer has run this site which aims to embrace those deliciously bad contestants and keep them on the show as long as possible. For big AI fans, this is the place to go for the snarkiest commentary and breaking AI news.

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