On your left!

For those that may have missed this memo released on February 18th, new “Rules & Courtesy” signs are going up along the American River Parkway to “encourage visitors to follow the rules and share the bike trail.”

“Our old courtesy signs were several years old and were showing their age,” said Flannery. “Our old signs also had a lot more wording, and because we realized that most trail users reasonably wouldn’t take the time to read the entire sign, we cut the words by half.”

And people still won’t read/follow them. Anyone that has had to do anything that involves people of any kind should know by now that you can’t win no matter what you do. On the Parkway, at the grocery store, you name it. People just suck.

This is about the time of year where the Parkway etiquette debate heats up. The Parkway, like The Sac Rag, follows the “if you live here, you know” slogan.