The “Boo” Initiative

Remember chain letters? You know, those letters that were sent to a number of people asking each recipient to send copies with the same request to a specified number of others. These evolved into chain emails pretty much requesting the same thing usually promising some great fortune or misfortune as it were. Well, my friends, it is time to discuss a Halloween tradition in the Arden/Carmichael area known as “boo”-ing.

Boo-ing is, and I quote from (what the…you say? me, too):

A Boo-Gram is a mysterious note, left on neighbor’s doors in the middle of the day. The note is usually a poem of sorts, and a large “Boo!” decoration for their front door. The decoration serves as a means of communicating to other neighbors that this house has already been “hit”. By Halloween, it is not uncommon to see Boo-Grams lining up and down the street on all the doors in some neighborhoods!

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