TWF live show @ Colonial Saturday

TWF TV Champion Rob Banks

The folks behind Total Wrestling Federation are basically living the dream. Begun in Tracy in 1998 as a tribute to 1980s WWF awesomeness, TWF is now a full-fledged federation, with colorful characters, themed TV programming and live shows. If you’re into this sort of thing, then you already know about it. The whole aggro wrestling aesthetic is not my cup of tea, but I simply love living in a world where a bunch of kids can dream up TWF and make it into a worldwide phenomenon.

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Attention fanboys!

For all you Joss Whedon fans out there, unless you can survive merely knowing that somewhere he is shooting THE AVENGERS, come out Friday night to the Colonial Theater for a showing of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”! Get your tickets at, which is a website.

Are people dressing up and stuff, making this into the new Rocky Horror? I would be in favor of that–of other people not me doing that, I mean.