Concerts in the Park removing beer gardens?

Carla Meyer’s article in today’s Bee celebrating the start of this year’s Concerts in the Park program includes the detail that this year there will be no designated beer garden (“at least for the first performance,” she writes.)

I don’t have a knee-jerk overreaction to easing restrictions on “demon rum” or something, but I’m not sure this is a good idea. I haven’t been to CIP as much in recent years but it seems like the beer garden in Cesar Chavez gets pretty rowdy, am I wrong? I’m not talking about beer fans but about Sacto d-bags. Isn’t that going to hurt the family atmosphere? I personally wouldn’t take my kids somewhere that the general public was imbibing in beer garden quantities.

More importantly though, it seems like this will make it much more difficult to keep minors from getting in on the beer action. Sure, if you’re caught with liquor and no wristband you’re toast, but is there going to be enough security to scan the whole crowd. Seems like Cesar Chavez is the place to be for some underage drinking this summer!