DUI Checkpoint on Thursday

Attention Sacramento Kings players and personnel, according to Sacto 9-1-1

The Sacramento Police Department will conduct a sobriety and driver’s license checkpoint beginning at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, at 21st Street and Capital Avenue.

A commenter did call the Bee out on the misspelling of “Capitol Avenue.”

It’s what happens when you cut & paste directly from the PD press release, no actual journalists get hurt doing that.

If you’re asking yourself why cops announce DUI checkpoints in advance, you’re not alone. Luckily, the Bee offered up this link to “Why cops announce DUI checkpoints in advance.”

There some snark to be had about this article. I’m sure the two of you Sacramentans that aren’t off this week will enjoy it.

Kings assistant coach arrested on DUI charges

OK, what’s the deal? Kings assistant coach, Mario Elie, was arrested for driving under the influence early this morning. Granted, you’d celebrate, too, if your team won a game after sporting the league’s worst record.

“We are very concerned and disappointed in regard to Mario’s arrest for DUI. This is an ugly form of history repeating itself. We expect better, knowing at the same time there are limits to how far you can go to protect people from themselves. In spite of all of this, we still respect Mario’s right to due process,” said Kings’ President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie.

Man, Geoff must be simply swapping out the names each time with these statements. I did enjoy the line about protecting people from themselves. That’s good stuff.

The last few Kings players/coaches who have been arrested are no longer with the team. If the phone rings, Mario, don’t answer it!

Is it Sacramento? Is it professional sports? Is it professional sports in Sacramento?

Another DUI for Kings player

Another member of the Sacramento Kings was arrested Thursday night for driving under the influence. I know, blah, blah, yawn, yawn.

What does interest me though are the comments and statements that make up these articles.

…said in the team statement Friday that his client is cooperating fully with police in nearby Rocklin.

Really? So we should think a little more of his client because he’s not kicking and screaming and telling everyone to eff off?

In a press release, Wright said, “I’m sorry for having gotten myself into this situation. I sincerely apologize to my teammates and coaches, the Sacramento Kings Organization, the Sacramento community and my family.”

In your prepared statement the best you could come up with was “having gotten myself into this situation”? And in the history of doing something wrong, how many people have not apologized afterward?

Now *that* would be a headline.