Stinky gas, oh stinky stinky

Gas smell in Sacramento

Anoint my knees
Anoity nointy

Anyway, you may smell the gas smell enveloping Sacramento. I pray that this is not a 2012 sneak preview, as I am not ready to meet my maker. Pray for me, Sacramento, pray for me.

If you call PG&E, they already have a recording posted for callers. They are having many reports of gas odors, and this is due to “over-odorized gas” which is expected to dissipate by Friday.

Here is the question:

Over-odorized gas seems to imply that I am smelling the same gas that is always leaking, but I am simply noticing it because it is stinkier than usual. If I am only smelling the same gas as I am used to inhaling, but it has more of an odor, what does this mean? Should I be worried about normally occurring gas leaks that are simply stinkier than usual?

Are there any short-term or long-term public health risks exist from gas leaks? Or should I just drift off into ignorance and just continue to drink The Abyss from the Deschutes Brewing Company?