Stinky gas, oh stinky stinky

Gas smell in Sacramento

Anoint my knees
Anoity nointy

Anyway, you may smell the gas smell enveloping Sacramento. I pray that this is not a 2012 sneak preview, as I am not ready to meet my maker. Pray for me, Sacramento, pray for me.

If you call PG&E, they already have a recording posted for callers. They are having many reports of gas odors, and this is due to “over-odorized gas” which is expected to dissipate by Friday.

Here is the question:

Over-odorized gas seems to imply that I am smelling the same gas that is always leaking, but I am simply noticing it because it is stinkier than usual. If I am only smelling the same gas as I am used to inhaling, but it has more of an odor, what does this mean? Should I be worried about normally occurring gas leaks that are simply stinkier than usual?

Are there any short-term or long-term public health risks exist from gas leaks? Or should I just drift off into ignorance and just continue to drink The Abyss from the Deschutes Brewing Company?

9 thoughts on “Stinky gas, oh stinky stinky”

  1. If all Sacramento citizens would play together, the oder will be gone much sooner. Just blow out all your pilot lights (including water heaters, furnaces, etc.) and turn up all your gas lines to full (most likely your stove tops). Leave everything on for about 5-6 hours, and that should clear PG&E’s gas lines of the bad gas. Or you can all suffer for a few more days.


  2. My wife just mention that our upstairs smelled (smelt?) like gas a bit this week. Of course I didn’t smell a thing no matter how hard I sniffed. With this timely posting, I have been saved from going on the roof and putting a longer extension on our furnace exhaust.

    Thanks SacRag!


  3. Great idea, Turty. That would kill our kids, pets and many older people as well, or anyone inside a house on a cold day with the windows closed. Just pray nobody rings an old doorbell or something else sparks it and blows up the house. 5 hours is enough to fill the bottom 4 or 5 feet of the house.

    Someone delete his comment before people get killed.


  4. Jeeze Moe- you always struck me as a “I don’t keep wild animals or old people cooped up for my own personal enjoyment” kind of goy. I suspect that ALL older people would succumb. 5-6 hours of FULL stove should be able to fill the WHOLE house if the windows are closed. To be safe, your should tape over any vents in the attic/crawlspace before you start filling the house with gas.

    But yes- to clear the gas fast, just ring the doorbell at the end of the 6 hours! If you are a chicken, just call your home phone from down (WAY down) the street. Thought I suspect that President Obama’s autophonebot wanting you to refinance will have called your house several times already…


  5. Moe: here’s the thing, though…

    Tipsy Squirt giving instructions for blowing up your house = edgy sarcasm

    The Sac Rag offering a Nintendo game system to anyone who tries it = criminal negligence


  6. Don’t you think it’s a little suspicious that the overpowering gas odor coincides with the re-opening of La Fiesta?

    Sorry, I have a 1 year old. That’s the level I live on.


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