Hoptoberfest at Rubicon

While dodging the ghosties, ghoulies, and drunk drivers this weekend, beer lovers should take note of Rubicon‘s annual Hoptoberfest celebration. Throughout October, they have featured pale ales, IPAs and double IPAs from brewers across the West Coast. This weekend, all of these beers will be available along with two versions of one of Rubicon’s hoppiest offerings, Hop Sauce.

In addition to well-known standouts from Anchor, Speakeasy, Bear Republic, Firestone Walker, Lagunitas and Deschutes, make sure you sample some great beers that are rarely seen in the area. Sierra Nevada’s new Estate Harvest Ale is creating a huge buzz among beer lovers and is in limited supply. Russian River is best known for the legendary Pliny the Elder, but less appreciated is their stellar house IPA. Moonlight Brewing Bombay by Boat has been a Bay Area favorite for almost two decades but Sacramento native Brian Hunt generally limits his distribution to that section of California. Another Sacramento expatriate, Matt Sager, brewed the impressive Hopsaur for Great Basin. Iron Springs Casey Jones Imperial IPA will make you want to drive that train up to Fairfax to check out their small brewpub with an incredible beer menu.

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Two Great Birthdays!

This weekend, the two cornerstone businesses of Midtown will be having birthday parties.

Happy 35th to the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and Happy 21st to Rubicon Brewing Company!

(I’ll give you time to do a little happy dance of celebration…. do do dooooo)

The Co-op Celebration is from 10-7 on Saturday and includes a street fair filled with local farmers, cooking demonstrations, music, education and a lot of great food at the Harvest Tasting Fair. Mind X and Jon Merriman will perform. Since Co-op means it is “cooperatively owned” by its patrons, they will have a membership drive with prizes through November. Join the Co-op!

Rubicon Brewing Company will wrap up their Hoptober celebrations on October 31 and November 1st by offering 21 of the hoppiest IPAs they could find in California (and one that snuck in across the border from Nevada). Pacific Brew News has the taplist here.