Sorry, wrong number

One of the first things I learned when moving into my house in ’97 was that my phone number confused a lot of people — namely, people trying to call the auto parts store and drug treatment clinic/halfway house, both of which are one digit off of my number and yield no fewer than three wrong number calls per week. You’d think that with my answering “HELLO” and not “Hello, Cheezer’s Pizza!” or the name of some other business, that they’d clue in that they’d called a private residence.

With the house on the market, I answer all calls since it might be a realtor calling to show the house. Yesterday, the Caller ID showed a 415 area code calling, so I picked it up. A woman said she was moving to the Sacramento area from the Bay Area (“This is going well so far,” I’m thinking), and she needs to make an appointment. I said, “OK, when do you want to come over?” She told me she needed to get set up on her regular schedule. “Regular schedule?” I asked, especially confused since she woke me up from a nap that had me in deep REM mode.
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Maybe they should have let a horse loose

Entirely predictable protests at yesterday’s Sac City Unified School District hearing on whether to endorse this year’s nationwide Day of Silence for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students.

The district’s LGBT Task Force, itself a product of a 2004 board resolution to make schools a safe place for “gender nonconforming” students, recently asked the board to approve a symbolic resolution acknowledging April 26 as a Day of Silence.

No word on whether the district would consider a day of teaching, to ensure that the students learn enough about the world so they don’t grow up to be bigoted jackasses (that was supposed to link to a picture of a bigoted jackass from yesterday’s protest, but not even Fox40, where we saw this story, has anything). Maybe if the district needs a kick in that direction, they should remember the group of student protestors who managed to get CalSTRS to tentatively divest from its investment in the Sudan. Nice work, kids!

Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…

Ok, so I’ve been sitting on this one for a few months, but something happened this morning at the gym that really sent me over the edge. I haven’t heard back from the Sac Rag Legal Department yet regarding what I can and can not say so I’ll try to be vague.

A few months ago I was shopping at my local Raley’s Supermarket when I noticed a large, (are there any other kind?) tricked out Hummer H2 parked in a handicapped parking spot (she had a placard). Hey, no judging, right? Well, as I continued on to my car to unload the groceries I saw a woman in her late 40’s, early 50’s lightly jog to said SUV and literally jump in and drive off.
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Horrifying Clown Peddlers Haunt Morning Commute

In case there are still children out there not terrified by clowns, this morning there are clowns randomly placed on street corners to remind kiddies about deadly childhood illnesses! That’s right, it’s the Shriners’ Kids Day, so that clown approaching your window at the red light is not a serial killer, just a helping hand trying to raise money to help sick kids.

Note: The Sac Rag wholeheartedly endorses charity hospital facilities.