New McKinley Park playground opening today

The new structure

Rebuild McKinley, the group created to build a new playground to replace the one destroyed in a fire last year, is having a grand opening event today to celebrate the creation of the new structure. The new structure is amazing, with major elements sharing an East Sacramento theme (continuing some of the designs in the previous structure). It also appears to be surrounded by a fence, which to me is a tremendous upgrade as the place is huge. Lots of local organizations worked on this project, and to get it done so quickly is a real accomplishment.

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Conservation group puts Sacramento in top 10 for park systems

Calm Afternoon

In the Sac Bee’s story on the rebuilding of the McKinley Park playground, I noticed a neat bit of info: the Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit group for land conservation, has once again named Sacramento in the top 10 cities in the US for park systems. Our fair city tied with San Francisco (!) and Boston for third overall, below Minneapolis and New York City.

The ranking took into account things like the median park size, park land as a percentage of city land area, and parks per 10,000 residents (Sacramento has 4, twice as many as New York City).

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McKinley Park Playground rebuild begins

from the City of Sacramento web site

The bad news over the weekend of an arsonist (allegedly) destroying the playground at McKinley park is giving way to hopeful news of fundraising already beginning on a replacement. City Council member Steve Cohn has established a charity fund, and Sac Press’s Melissa Corker has details on how you can help contribute. Continue reading “McKinley Park Playground rebuild begins”