The Big A

If you find yourself in Grass Valley and with dangerously clean arteries, there is only one place to go: Big A Root Beer Drive-In. A perennial favorite, Big A is one of those places with a menu that you need to take home and study, or get on tape and play on headphones while you sleep, if you don’t want to take an hour and a half to order. Dozens of burger choices, fried fare, great big salads and other specialties, all prepared magically from a pretty small kitchen. I went simple on my last visit and ordered a Deluxe Steak-lover’s Burger–1/2 lb. Angus on French roll with classic “works” toppings. Our party was undecided on the fries–I think they are pretty good, but they are definitely nothing unique. I’ve never had a salad there (go figure) but I hear great things about all the selections on that quadrant of the menu.

And that’s not even the best part: They make their own root beer. It is nice and sweet, with (to me, anyway) a hint of maple syrup (I know, you’re out the door already!). CoolDMZ sez check it out.

Big-A Rootbeer Drive-in
810 E. Main St
Grass Valley

(Go up Hwy 49, take the Central Grass Valley exit, take a right on East Main and go up the hill until you see the sign.)

Jimboy’s Grass Valley – A giant history taco

Checked out Jimboy’s Tacos second-newest location in picturesque Grass Valley this weekend, and let me tell you, it’s a treat. The same menu, the same addictive taco, the same distinctive taco sauce, with a few wonderful additions: free refills, which for Jimboy’s lovers is like manna from the heavens, and a delightful decor more appropriate for a sit-down taqueria than a fast-food joint. And along with your local boosterism you get some historical photos and one big lesson: as it turns out, the original Jimboy was a Grass Valley native! Though Jimboy himself is no longer manning the grease station (thanks MTSac), his name lives on. And after 50 years it’s finally come back full circle. And I am seeing an additional benefit of the Sunday taco sale–next time you’re making your way back from the North Shore enjoying some great skiing, stop off for a six pack of ground beef goodness (and the other kind of six pack too–they serve Cerveca). West off the Brunswick exit in Grass Valley.

Citrus Heights’ last samurai, too

Ok, maybe it’s not just Grass Valley, then.

But, I’m surprised by this story:

A Citrus Heights man was under arrest Tuesday after he allegedly traveled to the Bay Area and attacked his sister and brother-in-law with a sword, slashing one to death and severely injuring the other while the couple’s teenage children slept in the family’s El Cerrito home.

Yikes. Somehow, I never saw this area as the sword wielding type.

Grass Valley’s last samurai

Something is simply not right about Grass Valley, and I’m not just talking about the drugs or their choices in pets. It also looks like some people there just don’t learn the easy way:

Thirty-two-year-old Zoltan Gergely pleaded innocent yesterday to charges he tried to assault his roommate with a camping hatchet…In the previous case, Gergely was sentenced to 300 days in jail and five years of probation last year after being convicted of attacking a woman and her boyfriend on their doorstep with a samurai sword.

You see parents, THIS is what happens when you let children think it’s alright to run around with scissors.

Sacramento’s clogged arteries

I present to you Roto-Rooter’s Top Five Drainpipe Recoveries of 2005. And we done good, Sacramento. Ladies and Gents, number 5 on the list :

Sacramento, CA – Roto-Rooter’s Brek Ritzema and Scott Chapman were called to a business with a backed-up sewer main. Toilets and sinks were over-flowing so the plumbers went to work on the clog. Finally, their equipment started pulling out myriad of empty miniature liquor bottles – the kind they serve on airlines. An employee was apparently in the habit of drinking on the job and flushing the evidence.

But that’s not all. Let’s take a “trip” up to Grass Valley, shall we? Elsewhere on Roto-Rooter’s site:

A Slippery Situation – Grass Valley, CA
A four-foot family pet python slithered into the bathroom and seemingly disappeared. The family called a pest control company, the fire department and others, but could not get any help. A Roto-Rooter technician located the snake with a fiber optic cable camera used to inspect pipes. Once locating the snake, the owners were able to lure the snake out with a mouse for bait.

Of course, these are just the things they found in our local toilets. Imagine what’s been flushed and not gotten stuck.

Pioneer spirit alive, well in Nevada County

A drug raid in Grass Valley on Tuesday turned up not just the expected smokable marijuana drug (I think the city council there mandates that you “grow your own”) but also a brand new drug the authorities had never heard of!

What they discovered was “2C-I,” a synthetic hallucinogen much like the drug LSD.

According to Sgt. Bill Evans of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department, investigators at first thought they had found methamphetamine. The suspect told them it was 2C-I, and that he had found it on the Internet.

The internet, eh? They should shut that thing down.

Church Wars

Check out the third story about the church wars going on in Auburn. As my man RonTopofIt likes to say, this stuff writes itself:

Leaders of New Life Christian Church offered discounts on gas purchases worth about 50 cents per gallon. New Life Pastor Bill Jenkins said the idea was to show that God is interested in issues that affect people’s everyday lives.

…because you know, the way gas prices are, it’s making people question what God is actually interested in. And then we get:

But members of the Church of the Divide in Grass Valley protested on Sunday outside New Life services with signs proclaiming, “Jesus cares more about your sin and burning in hell than gas prices.”

High gas prices and burning in hell? They may not be so unrelated. In any case, the behavior of these churches may just make Jesus have to come back again, just to straighten these yahoos out.

(Oh, and Mike Bibby apparently goes to clubs with a group called Team Dime. What kind of stupid name is that for a posse? No wonder you got dumped on, Mike.)