NYTimes’s grim view of housing market

The housing market has a good local angle, so I don’t think it’s out of place to point out this accidentally terrible page design in none other than the New York Times today:

These guys are so picky! Don’t they know that even only-partially-destroyed homes are getting snatched up fast these days? You want walls and doors you really have to go out of your price range anymore.

Railyards Project featured in NYT

Today’s New York Times Real Estate section features a story on the Railyards development. It is interesting to read about it from an out-of-towner’s point of view. We locals seem to be wrapped up in the details of making it happen, such as the toxic clean-up, the I-5 expansion, transit issues, the stadium controversy, and more. I think we forget the immensity of the project (one of the largest proposed urban expansions in the nation) and the history behind the land. Enjoy.