Wine drinkers rejoice, as Fall is coming and the crush is drawing nigh.

This weekend, the six wineries of the Old Sugar Mill will be celebrating with their annual crush party. In addition to the usual tastings and such, they will feature barrel tastings, a grape stomping contest, live music, super discounts, local food vendors and the opportunity to bottle your own wine. Personally, I really dig the self-bottling as it it allows you to personalize bottles for gifts, create custom blends and have access to small batch wines. Last year, I bottled some tremendous Carvalho tempranillo for half the price of the standard bottle.

Tickets are $15 advance/$20 door.

Wine, Cheese and Bread Faire

Why do people sometimes put an “e” at the end of “faire”? For me, it conjures up images of Renaissance Faire, artificially sized smoked turkey legs (and other body parts) and overuse of the phrase “ye olde”. Alas, I shouldn’t unnecessarily grouse about it, as it seems appropriate in this context. You can’t get much more olde schoole than wine, cheese and bread. Archaeological evidence indicates that all three predate any known archeological evidence and were among the first staples of both ancient diets and religious ceremonies. Enjoying this trinity of basic foods is at the heart of the modern slowe foode movement, subconsciously awakening palates to flavors of times passed.
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Doooooo Dooooooo Da Dum Dum Dum Dum

That is the sound of me singing the Olympic Hymn after several glasses of fine California wine. You, dear reader, may get to hear this masterpiece in person if you join me at the Winelympics at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg this weekend.

In a clear attempt to make this a classy event, organizers decided not to name it the Wine-Olympics, which evokes an image of Bum Fights and probably skirts a copyright law or two.

The Winelympics is a fund raiser for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and will feature competitors from local wineries and other organizations. Events include the Waiter’s Relay, Barrel Rolling and both corking and uncorking contests. Doors open at 11 AM with an admission fee of $10 per day with three events held on both Saturday and Sunday between Noon and 5 pm. The six wineries at the Old Sugar Mill will be pouring.

If you wish to field a team of three (or more!) there is still time to register. Your friendly neighborhood Stickie will be joining the good folks at Revolution Wines to bring home the gold to Midtown.