Jenkinson Lake, Sly Park

This weekend’s outing brought the CoolDMZs to Jenkinson Lake, in the Sly Park Recreation Area of El Dorado County. Longtime residents know Sly Park from the various youth camps located there, most notably the Sacramento Trad Jazz Camp and Sly Park Basketball School for grade-school hoopsters.

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“Half* the money* goes to parks*”

*Results not typical.

Just two tidbits about the details of the arena deal reached yesterday:

  1. None of the promised “half” of the revenue from the sales tax hike will go to local governments for “about seven years.” Until then every red cent will go to the arena. I assume this means that after that, still only half of every dollar will go to local governments. The way the numbers line up, I assume they still intend for half of the overall take to go to non-arena spending. But clearly the door is open for that seven year … window to become 8 years, or 10. This is one more confusing point that will probably lead to a defeat for the tax increase in the fall.
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