Arjun Goes to Wizard World [PHOTOS]

Arjun Singh, percussionist with Wallpaper and YouTuber behind “The Public Access Show,” was rubbing elbows with the Sacramento geek community last weekend at the inaugural Wizard World convention. Here are some photo highlights:

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Public Access show goes 3D with new episode

Local YouTuber and Wallpaper drummer Arjun Singh has a new episode of his “The Public Access Show” up, and this time he’s going into a new dimension: the 3rd Dimension. The new episode, released Sunday on YouTube, is in 3D.

Singh filmed the entire episode using 2 cameras, so it is “shot in 3D” rather than converted. The whacked-out, offbeat humor translates well to this new dimension, where up is down and nothing is as it seems. Singh’s “Advanced Drumming Techniques” sketch is here, as well as Muppets, high fives, and a showpiece sketch set in the “Star Wars” ‘verse. is a fan too.

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