Public Access show goes 3D with new episode

Local YouTuber and Wallpaper drummer Arjun Singh has a new episode of his “The Public Access Show” up, and this time he’s going into a new dimension: the 3rd Dimension. The new episode, released Sunday on YouTube, is in 3D.

Singh filmed the entire episode using 2 cameras, so it is “shot in 3D” rather than converted. The whacked-out, offbeat humor translates well to this new dimension, where up is down and nothing is as it seems. Singh’s “Advanced Drumming Techniques” sketch is here, as well as Muppets, high fives, and a showpiece sketch set in the “Star Wars” ‘verse. is a fan too.

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New CAKE video for “Sick of You”

CAKE’s video for the new radio single “Sick of You” showed up on YouTube over the weekend. Here’s what the band says about it:

After years of holding back from using a pair of beautiful rabbit costumes acquired by CAKE long before the Flaming Lips even thought of using their various animal costumes, CAKE has finally decided to use the costumes anyway in their very own home made, self-directed music video! CAKE feels strongly that the rabbit poignantly expresses so much about human hope and frailty that CAKE could no longer restrain themselves. Filmed in one of Sacramento, California’s own richly decorated suburban decay settings, it is CAKE’s sincere hope that our “Sick of You” video and song accurately express the hostile cultural mood currently being enjoyed by so many in the United States today.

You gonna take that, Flaming Lips? Here’s the video. Who can identify the shooting location? Looks like Florin Road to me.

P.S. It got 1000 views in about 15 minutes while I was writing. I think this YouTuby thing is going to take off.

Zocalo head chef a Food Network/YouTube star

Ryan Rose, the 28 year old head chef at Zocalo, is one of the 15 finalists in the Food Network’s “The Next Food Network Star” YouTube contest. Guy Fieri is a previous winner of the broadcast version of the contest (Rose is a contestant in the YouTube offshoot), but let’s not hold that against Rose.

I’ve had the birria at Zocalo and that dish alone should make Rose eligible for a Nobel, much less reality competition success. Good luck, local boy!

Here is a link to Rose’s video entry, “Ryan’s Paella.” Upvote and bring home a victory for local eats!

Where the magic happens…

Here’s an entertaining, low budget video of Kings Forward/Center Jason Thompson taking viewers on a tour of his house crib. I especially enjoy the SPOTlighting and Carl’s Jr. force.

His diet choices were not lost on

Jason Thompson nearly has everything a NBA player could want. Money, fame, a nice house but he definitely does not have a chef of nutritionist. Just by watching this video of JT showing you his crib, you could go into a diabetic shock because it’s like Willy Wonka is his roommate.

Here’s to next season, right? And to Andres Nocioni for pulling down a team high 7.5 million this season! I’ll drink to that…

Smosh win YouTube award

As a further sign of how out of touch I am with the YouTube generation, I learned about this from none other than Christina Mendonsa. Local YTers Smosh have won a coveted YouTube award for Best Comedy video of 2006. I’m happy for the two, but I can’t believe more than 4 people thought this was the funniest thing they’d seen in 2006 on YouTube. Video after the jump.

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YouTube phenoms Smosh on News10

A friend just sent me this link to a YouTube clip from News10 about the two Del Campo grads whose videos posted to YouTube as “Smosh” are some of the most popular entertainment among those with whom YouTube is popular entertainment. Apparently they have the #2 watched clip on there. My YouTube just keeps blinking “12:00” so what do I know.

Warning: watching a clip of TV news on YouTube in which you watch a clip on YouTube is only 2 layers away from smoshing your brain.