I Heart Armstrong & Getty

If your radio dial hasn’t quite made its way to 650 on the AM, do yourself a favor and move it there between 6am-10am Monday through Friday.

Once Shawn & Jeff left the airwaves, I quickly became a convert to the Armstrong & Getty morning drive program after hearing my friend Elizabeth start virtually every sentence with, “This morning on Armstrong & Getty they were talking about…” Continue reading “I Heart Armstrong & Getty”

Rumble in The Jungle

It’s on like donkey kong!

Jim Rome, the nationally syndicated sports radio host – and sports radio icon – of “The Jim Rome Show” (heard daily on KHTK 1140AM from 9 AM to 12 PM) is holding his “Smack Off” on Friday, May 4, 2007.

What is the Smack Off? According to Wikipedia:

The Smack-Off is an annual competition on The Jim Rome Show, held in mid-to-late spring and which takes up the entire program on a Friday. The contest is a way to recognize the best callers to the show, as well as a means of determining the best caller of the year. Show host Jim Rome has referred to the Smack-Off as the most important show of the entire year.

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Imus have said something bad

By now many of you have heard of controversy that nationally syndicated (and future former) radio host Don Imus has put himself in:

The drama started when Imus referred to the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as a group of “nappy-headed hos.” The remarks were a seemingly off-the-cuff reference to the squad, which had just lost the annual NCAA women’s national championship, but Imus’ insensitivity to a group of college athletes who were coming off a remarkable season aroused public ire that seemed to increase with each passing day.

Interestingly (and why I’m writing about it here, of course), it turns out that Imus used to work as a radio host in Sacramento:

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Paul’s Long Run

Even if the only time you listen to Y92 is when you’re at the dentist office, you probably know who Paul Robins is — the morning DJ and former longtime on-air partner of Phil Cowan, comprising the duo Paul & Phil (AKA “The Nicest Guys in Radio.”)

Less than an hour ago, Paul left his morning drive studio to start on his 92.5 mile run around the Sacramento area to raise funds to purchase new vans for Atkinson Youth Services. He will return to his studio by 7am tomorrow to finish up tomorrow morning’s show. If he needs to be pushed in a wheelchair to get there, he will donate $5,000 out of his own pocket. He is committed to making it the entire way under his own power.
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Streetcar history on CPR

Via Sacramento History, a great new blog I just came across:

Today on Capital Public Radio (KXJZ/KXPR) there will be a program about Sacramento’s streetcars, the 20th anniversary of Light Rail, and upcoming plans for a streetcar line between Sacramento and West Sacramento.

I was too late to post about the radio spot but it is available online. I can’t believe it has been 20 years of Light Rail. I remember my first ride on the train and loving the swiveling areas between cars. Check out the radio program and check out that blog.

Lost: the local angle

21Q’s Sam McManis beat me to the punch last week on the Lost promos for News10 starring TV’s Sawyer:

He looks into the camera with that Sawyerian smirk and says, “Don’t trust ‘The Others.’ Watch News10.”

The viewer can easily detect the barely-disguised ennui actor Josh Holloway (Sawyer) is nursing having to do promos for every ABC affiliate from here to Baltimore.

Quipped one friend of 21Q: “Yeah, Henry Gale is totally a KCRA guy.”

If you’re a “Lost” fanatic, you’ll get the reference.

Which I technically still am, but I don’t. Even with the ennui it’s still better than those Colusa Casino radio spots starring Carlos Santana.

UPDATE: Sam McManis emails:

Now, the implication by my colleague who made the Henry Gale/KCRA quip was that “The Others” aka “The Man” aka “The Establishment” would watch KCRA whereas the good guys would watch warm-and-fuzzy News10.

Yeah I don’t know why I didn’t get that. Although I like to think that Sawyer would be all over this here weblog, since he is the premiere provider of snark on the island. And thinking of him hunching over a keyboard hunting and pecking is almost as funny as when he wears glasses.

Flash 92.1 goes Oldies

It’s not all bad news for Sacramento radio fans… Over the weekend I noticed that Flash 92.1 has undergone a rebirth and is now K-HITS 92.1, Sacramento’s Cool Oldies, filling a gap I had noticed previously. Those of you who are reading this thinking that 92.1 was “Jack” are thinking of “Bob,” which was at 92.1 way back a few months ago before it changed to Flash and then to K-HITS.

Kids: Do not plan to go into the radio industry.