Tower, Copeland’s bargain shopping

I have yet to follow the arrow guys to Tower Records or the Copeland’s at the downtown plaza to see what sort of outrageous deals I can find. I am in need of some running shoes and in need of spending as close as possible to $0 on them. I’m thinking the week after Thanksgiving the Copeland’s discounts will creep into the 80% range but I’m also thinking that shoes that can give me the support and stability I need will be in short supply in my demanding price range. Also I would like to pick up some CDs and books on the cheap. Anybody out there been to either of these stores lately and willing to report on the bargain shopping environment? Tower seems to have dropped percentages off their signs so I can’t tell how far the scale has slipped on that.

(On a side note I just realized that there should be a rating system for us bargain shoppers, akin to the clapping popcorn guy. Would it just be a scale composed of cheap skate graphics?)

Free Boo-Rito

Yes, I know it’s a national chain, but who doesn’t like Chipotle?  If you go dressed as a Chipotle burrito, burrito bol, or salad tomorrow (Halloween), you’ll get a free burrito.

Of course, you’ll probably spend more on the materials needed to make yourself look like one of these food products than you’d spend on a burrito should you go dressed as a civilian, but hey — let’s show some Halloween spirit here.