Like the weather…

Forecasting the weather in Sacramento during the summer months can seem a touch repetitive. Warm this morning, hot in the afternoon, the evening will remain warm. Tomorrow? See today. However, if you are an Internet junkie like me you have no doubt been frustrated with the poor level of detail provided online. That’s not to say that there aren’t enough resources online or 5 day forecasts with sun icons lined up back to back. But, when I am searching the Internet for weather forecasting I’m basically looking for a “cut to the chase” sentence or two. Well, my friends, I have found such a sentence or two at As always, I must disclaim that I’m never first on the scene with anything technology related so please forgive me if this is old news.

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FREE annual RT pass

If you are an RT commuter, make sure to check whether your employer belongs to a Transportation Management Association. I inquired with the South Natomas TMA here at the widget factory about purchasing monthly RT passes at a discount and was told that those are not offered. Because free annual passes are offered to anyone who asks. That’s a $1000 perk. It’s definitely worth a call but obviously there are several different commuter groups in town with different agreements so YMMV.

Google’s free SMS service is for real

I’m always about 6 months to 18 years late to the technology game. As such I am just now getting my cellular phone hooked up with SMS (Short Messaging Service), or “texting” as the kids like to call it. And while I am still fumbling about with my opposable thumbs and my text messaging shorthand (AAMOF, I’m a total NUB…or something), I have come across a free service from Google that is quite handy.

Google SMS allows you to text a search query to 466453(“GOOGLE” on most devices) and your results will be sent back to you in a matter of seconds. It’s really quite nifty. The site offers up a cheat sheet of search terms you can use (Local weather, restaurants, flight updates, movie times, calculator, and even conversions) and the whole thing is free (you know, you have to have the text messaging service from your cellular provider, of course).

So the next time you are out and about and need some quick directions or a movie time close to you, give it a shot. Now, if they just made cell phones that could take pictures I’d be all set!

Friday Night Concerts @ Cesar Chavez lineup

Jackpot the band

Looks like the Friday Night Concert series at Cesar Chavez park started last week with Bright Light Fever, Still Life Projector, The Radio Life, and The Dead Celebrities (that lineup has some top-notch wordplay, kudos to the planners).

Highlights include a June 1 CD release show by An Angle and Spider Silk Dress, and of course the Kai Kln reunion show July 13 (backed by Hot Pistol, one of my new favorite local bands) and an August 3 show by Jackpot (which apparently lost its ownership of the best band URL ever,, and which also has its own CD release for “Moonbreath” coming up on June 2 and Marilyns). See you in the heat!

Tower offers it all

Beginning at 11am this morning, Tower Records will be auctioning off their equipment from the recently shut down stores.

Boxes of DVDs and CDs along with forklifts, desks and file cabinets are some of the items that will be up for grabs.

The proceedings will be webcast by Great American. Online bidders have to register at the Web site.  A quick browse of the auction catalog finds lots of standard office equipment.  You know, air compressors, banding machines, label makers, printers, pornography, etc.

“What!” you are saying to yourself.  I know, I know.  Who couldn’t use a banding machine, huh?  Totally.

Oh, the porno you say?  Yeah, well it appears that, for the right price, Lots 38 and 39 can be yours.  With such hits as “Spanish Fly” and “Deep Inside” topping the list.

Man, it’s worth going just to be there to hear the auctioneer play those up…

Putting the army in Salvation Army

Rancho Cordova’s recent ordinance banning certain businesses including tattoo parlors and check-cashing businesses also targets thrift stores. According to the Bee today, Salvation Army had recently planned to move into a new location in Rancho and is now being banned by that ordinance and is gearing up for a fight, including possible legal action against Rancho.

The ban is aimed at improving the “public health, safety and welfare” of Rancho Cordova. I suppose a gently used blazer or a macrame picture frame touched by an elderly woman might contain deadly biotoxins.

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Tower Update

Tower Records/Books has reached critical retail mass. Most CD’s are being sold for 60% off and others are going for a flat rate of $1 or $2. Employees say that the doors will probably be shutting before Christmas. Due to these extreme bargains however, most of the good stuff is gone. So, if you have anyone on your Christmas list that is looking for some obscure CD, make sure to check out Tower before going to the internet. For example, Trio Beyond’s tribute to the “Tony Williams Lifetime” called Saudades is only $12, which is a small price to pay for the tasteful organ stylings of Larry Goldings, the world’s greatest Jewish jazz organist.