The Arrival of Summer

The east coast may have their gophers to tell them how much more winter is left. For us? We know summer is upon us when the Arrow People take over the River City.

Yes, the Arrow People – those dancing, sunscreened and walkman-wearing sign bearers who stand on the corners of intersections, pointing you in the direction of the latest deals to be had. Whether they’re hocking a new sandwich shop, a $5 slice of pizza, a new housing development, a car dealership, or almost anything else, you know it’s summertime in the city when these people have hit the streets.

So, the next time you see one of the Arrow People getting jiggy widdit on the corner, roll your car window down, throw your fist up in the air and give them a solid SacRag “Right Awn!!”.

After all, summer’s here!