Fairfield teenager attacks raccoon with sword

Nom Nom Nom!
I suppose you would have us
exhaust all diplomatic options first?

Creative Commons License photo credit: smysnbrg

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of Marquel Dawson, the Fairfield teenager who attacked a mountain lion with a samurai sword (Video clip) to protect the family dog. Or at least he thought it was a mountain lion: Fish and Game officials now believe the animal was actually a raccoon.

You may chuckle, and I’m sure that Dawson’s rep has taken a hit back home. He’s probably lucky he’s not in high school anymore. But I would like to point out that when Dawson armed himself with a sword he thought he was attacking a mountain lion. He thought, “Should I attack a mountain lion? Yes, this is a great idea, this cannot possibly be a bad idea.” The guy held a samurai sword over his head and swung it at what he thought was a mountain lion.

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Right Awn! Don’t let them take Christmas!

Right AWN!It seems that things get a little silly around town during Christmas. But, is this really “how we do it in Sactown“?

In any case, this story is too good to be true, except that apparently it is true. As such, it warrants a dusting off the RIGHT AWN!, for the dude who used a giant Christmas ornament to defend his family and guests. I’ll let the story tell the story:

Man wielding candy cane lawn ornament subdues attacker

SACRAMENTO (AP) — A man using a candy cane lawn ornament fended off a knife-wielding neighbor who had been attacking holiday guests at a Sacramento home.
Police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong says the man used the two-foot-tall plastic ornament to subdue the attacker until officers arrived.

He says the 49-year-old suspect became intoxicated, went over to a neighbor’s home on Thanksgiving and began waving a kitchen knife at people gathered on the lawn.

He cut several peoples’ clothing before one of them decided to fight back.

Police say the man with the knife was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. The guest who took up the candy cane was not arrested because police determined he acted in self-defense.

RIGHT AWN, Christmas Candy Cane Wielding Ninja Defender!

Since it’s been a while…

Allow me to give a few brief “Right Awn!” shout-outs to some deserving parties:

  • Thanh Thai, who saw smoke coming out of a neighbor’s garage, got out of his car, and pounded on the door until the occupants — a mom, her 16 year old daughter, three-year-old son, and FOUR of her daughter’s friends who’d spent the night — got out. Had it not been for his neighborliness and quick action, this story could have had much worse results than a gutted house (which is bad enough as it is.)
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento: I read in today’s Metro section that the clubs are now accepting students for the after-school programs for the coming year. Not only do the clubs provide a safe environment for the kids, have required homework time before they can play, offer a multitude of games and activities, plus a hot meal, the cost is only $12 per child for the entire school year. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s not $12 per week or per month; it’s for the entire school year.
  • Did you know that Yuba County grows 99% of the plums for dried plums (formerly “prunes”) in the U.S. and 60% of the world’s supply? No wonder they come off as just regular folks there in Yuba County.  They are having a rough year, however, with warm temps in March hindering the ’07 crop.

New Local Distinction

You heard it here first!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “Right Awn!” so might I nominate the Discovery Museum in Old Sacramento? Today it will join a distinguished list of museums that are official affiliates of the Smithsonian.

The goal of the affiliate program is to create vital relationships with communities by working with local museums and educational institutions. This new status will give the Discovery Museum access to borrowing artifacts from the Smithsonian to have on display here, plus access to other resources from the venerable institution. Continue reading “New Local Distinction”

Spell it on

It’s go time for Josephine Kao, our favorite spelling bee champ!

The 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee is on as we speak. A look at the list of contestants will take you not just around the United States but also around the world.

With something to prove this year, Josephine, contestant #19, has made it into round 3 . More updates as they become available!

UPDATE 2: As mentioned in the comments, Josephine dropped out in round 6 on the word “tournure“. The contest went on another seven rounds, but the title was still brought back to NorCal when Evan O’Dorney from Walnut Creek knocked “serrefine” out of the park. Great job in representing NorCal, Josephine and Evan!

UPDATE: My sources tell me that Josephine is still standing after Round 4. Only 72 entrants out of 286 are still standing, putting her in the top 24.8 percent. Call in s-i-c-k tomorrow and catch the bee live on ESPN from 7 to 10 AM.

(Almost) Nobody’s Perfect!

As one who scientifically deduced the precise number of school days I could miss or otherwise tune out and still get the required grades, may I be so bold as to nominate high school student Jennifer Matre for a big fat SacRag Right Awn?  This morning Matre was honored by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors for acheiving a perfect attendance record from kindergarten through high school. Can we agree that that is amazing? Way to go Jennifer!

Democrazy in action

The old saying about democracy is “one man, one vote”. In Roseville, they almost take that literally:

A $115 million bond measure for a new high school in Roseville was passed Tuesday in an election involving only 12 voters.

Eleven of the 12 voters cast ballots in favor of the new high school. Only a dozen voters were eligible because they are the only ones who live in the westside neighborhood where the school will be built.

That’s a 100% turn out, with 91.6% of all votes cast supporting the bond measure, and 8.4% of all votes cast (the one guy/gal) against the bond measure. That’s a pretty strong decision. Majority rules.

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Ain’t your caller-back girl

In the true spirit of the Sac Rag RIGHT AWN!, I’d like to bring to your attention (thanks for the tip, RonTopofIt) to one Sacramento resident by the name of Andre Lamme:

Telemarketers ignoring the “do not call” registry should think twice before calling Andre Lamme’s house in Sacramento.

Fed up with repeated calls from stubborn telemarketers, Lamme resorted to a little-known federal law allowing consumers to sue violators in small claims court.

Despite getting my phone numbers on the national do-not-call registry, I’m still getting calls from telemarketers, and I’ve gotten tired of warning these interruptors to my dinner that it’s illegal for them to call me.

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Paul’s Long Run

Even if the only time you listen to Y92 is when you’re at the dentist office, you probably know who Paul Robins is — the morning DJ and former longtime on-air partner of Phil Cowan, comprising the duo Paul & Phil (AKA “The Nicest Guys in Radio.”)

Less than an hour ago, Paul left his morning drive studio to start on his 92.5 mile run around the Sacramento area to raise funds to purchase new vans for Atkinson Youth Services. He will return to his studio by 7am tomorrow to finish up tomorrow morning’s show. If he needs to be pushed in a wheelchair to get there, he will donate $5,000 out of his own pocket. He is committed to making it the entire way under his own power.
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Today is the second annual Queer Youth Advocacy Day at the State Capitol.  “Representatives from the more than 600 Gay Student Alliances (which are at 45% of public high schools), and other youth under the age of 24, are meeting in Sacramento to lobby for Senate Bill 777 (Kuehl).”  This bill will standardize the anti-discrimination policies in all schools receiving public funds to give all students equal protection from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

The students attended a lobbying training at the Crest Theater before meeting with legislators this afternoon.  A handful of protesters were on hand to inform the youth than they were sinners, but were scared off by the inclement weather (maybe God was trying to tell them something about tolerance, loving thy neighbor, and casting the first stone).

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