Coming soon to the sky near NorCal…

Don't worry, we have our Eclipse Glasses

NorCal will be optimal viewing territory for two astronomical phenomena in the coming weeks. This Sunday evening is an annular solar eclipse — the Moon passing between Earth and the Sun and partially blocking the Sun. We’ll be right in line for viewing at roughly 6:20 PM, though we won’t have the best view. (Make sure you don’t stare directly at the Sun. We picked up some eclipse glasses so hopefully we’ll be safe.)

Even more special is the Transit of Venus which is coming up on June 5. This is our last chance to see Venus passing across the face of the Sun.

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City Theater’s “Beanstalk” pleases

Jacob Vuksinich as Jack and Mikayla Lambeth as
Kobe the Cow

Over the weekend a friend and I took our families (or they took us) to the City Theater’s Storytime theater production of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The performance offered exactly what you want in children’s theater — a cute little story, some jokes aimed at the parents (in this case, lots of perfectly wholesome SF Giants bits), brisk timing, and not too much overacting. Doug Lawson’s staging is fresh, and it is a tidy piece of theater, with some funny talking cow business (always a necessity in quality children’s theater) and good performances overall.
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