Sudwerk Imperial Pilsner Release

Spring is the beginning of beer season, warming us up for May and the weekly regional beer festivals. There are several great local events before May to wet your whistle. Here’s the next.

Tonight, The Davis Graduate hosts Sudwerk Brewery for the release of their Signature Series Imperial Pilsner. This is the second of several Sudwerk beers released to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Their standard pilsner is one of the best on the market, so I am really looking forward to trying a mega version of it.

The Grad has been throwing great parties on almost a weekly basis (Last week was a giant tasting of Lost Abbey and Port Brewing), make sure you check them out if you are a craft beer fan.

Sudwerk introduces Signature series

Cheers to 20 great years of Sudwerk
As part of their 20th anniversary of brewing award winning lagers, Sudwerk is introducing the S-series of limited release beers. Their first release will be a Dunkel Weiss Bock, which is also their first high octane beer topping out at 8% abv. Sudwerk is describing it as smooth and well-balanced, with the yeast and wheat character of a Hefeweizen, the malty richness of a Dunkel, and the strength of a Bock. Since Sudwerk is one of the best damn producers of German-style beer this side of Munich, I am eagerly waiting to try this out. Release is extremely limited, so don’t dilly dally on this if you want to try it. This beer will be like hossenfeffer; hare today and gone tomorrow.

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Sacramento brewers best in state, again

28 beers and ciders from Sacramento were recognized at the 2009 California State Fair Commercial Craft Brew Competition.

Sac Brew Master Brewer Peter Hoey is proud of his creations! (photo courtesy of Rick Sellers & Tracy Bethune, Pacific Brew News)
Sac Brew Master Brewer Peter Hoey is proud of his creations! (photo courtesy of Rick Sellers & Tracy Bethune, Pacific Brew News)

The 2009 California State Fair has faded off into fond memory, but you can still enjoy many of the beers that were honored at this year’s Commercial Craft Brew competition. In case you are confused by the judging results, beers (and ciders and meads) are entered into one of 28 categories (and 93 styles), are awarded both a designation of overall quality (gold, silver, bronze) and and an overall ranking in their beer style (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Congrats to our local brewers and thanks for all the great beer!
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