Sacramento has some of the best “urban forests”

From a recent trip to Ancil Hoffman

According to American Forests, a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting forests, has named Sacramento on its just released list of Best Urban Forests. It’s nice to remember that we still are the City of Trees despite the fact that anyone outside of Sacramento or who doesn’t particularly care about trees probably knows us as the City Who Formerly Hosted the Kings.

The organization highlights all the usual points, including the Tower Bridge for some reason. I think my favorite example has to be Ancil Hoffman Park, with its grove of oaks and plentiful wildlife.

What are your favorite urban forests around town?


Apropos of nothing save the topic of it being Friday, I liked this lone and rather shapely evergreen (redwood, I believe?) standing strong in the rear of a business complex, competing with a satellite dish. Kicking its non-coniferous ass, I would say. Okay, this was also apropos of endowing non-bipedal things with the ability to “kick ass” twice this week.

(Forgive the crappy cellphone camera.)