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On Taking My Mother to Mother

Have you heard? A new restaurant opened up on K Street. It’s vegetarian. It’s hip. It’s different. It’s the toast of the town. And I can say that because toast is vegetarian. It’s called Mother. And if you don’t read … Continue reading


Stage Coach- Grease, Grits, and Cultural Exchange

Sometimes brunch won’t do. Some mornings, the thought of mimosas and purse dogs and hungover waiters sours the stomach more than last night’s libations. Some mornings, breakfast is the only solution for what ails you. And a very specific breakfast … Continue reading

Tank House-Dumb Name, Rad Grub

It may come as a surprise to you, but the small restaurant footprint on J at 20th has gone through three iterations in the last few years. I know, you didn’t even notice. You were totally unaware that a place … Continue reading

Jimboy’s Tacos now serving Mexican cuisine

Living Social is first to break the news. Can’t wait to try it out. “More than 60 years ago, husband-and-wife team Jim and Margaret Knudson started a small mobile restaurant in a converted 16-foot trailer, where they grew a loyal … Continue reading

Burger Battle, Coming Soon, Already Here

The date’s been announced for this year’s 2nd annual Burger Battle at Raley Field. Last year’s event was pretty beefy, and this year’s will probably be even more so. My favorite burger last year was a tie between Kupro’s and … Continue reading

Turkish Delight, or Trio: Third Time’s the Harm

Dish 1: It looked like a pile of burnt, crumbled hamburger meat over a base of somewhat loose, nearly separated risotto. Dish 2: It tasted like a chicken breast stuffed with a banana cream pie. Dish 3: Had the vegetable … Continue reading

Hank Shaw wins!

Congratulations to Hank Shaw, winner of the 2013 James Beard Foundation Award for Individual Food Blog. This was Shaw’s third nomination for his blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook which chronicles his pursuit of honest food. In addition to writing, Hank … Continue reading

Togo’s Pastrami Challenge: A cost-benefit analysis

Man, I miss John Candy. For you Togo’s fans, I would like to present a brief cost-benefit analysis of the new Pastrami Challenge. Togo’s sure knows how to celebrate pastrami. In fact, the west coast-based eatery recently celebrated National Hot … Continue reading

Steer clear of California Fresh — at least for now

I contemplated not posting this out of sheer embarrassment at actually having paid for the meal, but then I realized I would be doing my fellow Sacramentans a disservice. Fresh Choice was always a family favorite of ours, since our … Continue reading

Dine Downtown Or Else Downtown Will Move to Seattle

With the Kings debacle fresh in our collective consciousness, let’s focus on something this town does well, food. We’re the fark to form capital of the world, and no one’s going to take that from us. Tonight marks the start … Continue reading

Best Thing I Put in My Mouth This Week: Pumpkin Pie Edition

One of the reasons I like Thanksgiving so much — other than it’s the best family-gathering, food-binging, drink-sopping, politics-arguing, non-religious party you can have — is the focus on pies. Many holidays have their particularly associated desserts, but none is … Continue reading

Lad & Hooker, err Hook & Ladder

I’d like to get all snark-tastic with the new bar and eatery, Hook & Ladder, but the truth is, it’s pretty good. The beer selection is good, the wine list is good, service = good, food mostly good, interor quirky … Continue reading

Tako’s: Diminishing Returns

When Tako’s first opened a few months ago, I thought the idea novel, not too novel, but just novel enough to be interesting, not Dostoyevsky but Grisham, if you get my drift. The whole “Korean taco” thing has been kicking … Continue reading

Fresh food from ‘Farm to Fork’

Apple Hill Unpeeled 2012

Another fall has arrived with its soon-to-be normal range of triple-digit temperatures, hearkening us back up to the ‘Hill, Apple Hill that is. Apple Hill is in the first fledgling stages of  harvest mode, popping the heat-soaked apples off the … Continue reading