Food circus!

Via Heckasac I bring you a postcard advertising the Food Circus on Flickr… This is something we at the Rag have wanted to see for a long time (well, not that long in Rag years).


Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “Food circus!”

  1. Oh my God… the Food Circus! How could I have forgotten one of the highlights of my (obviously all too impoverished) childhood. Once again, Sacramento was on the cutting edge of culinary trends… Forget The Waterboy; forget The Kitchen; forget Masque… all merely pretenders to the Food Circus crown. On those rare occasions when my Mom announced that we were “going out” for dinner, few locations elicited such joyous shrieks as the Food Circus at Arden Fair. I remember it seemed cavernous. I always had pizza. My sister (the daring one) had Chinese.


  2. Thanks for showing us the Food Circus…I was probably 6 years old the last time we ate there…hard to describe but easy to picture. You brought back some fun memories for me!


  3. FUN! Thank you so much for posting the link to that! This one time, after a band competition, we went to Food Circus and we were sooooo excited to find Jelly Bellies. We didn’t have them in Auburn at the time (’84-ish), so we felt very cosmopolitan with our fancy jelly beans. I think I spent an entire week’s paper route pay on them.


  4. the credit really does go to Heckasac, and to my sister who emailed me to point it out because she remembered I was on the lookout for photos of it.

    my own memory of it is kind of sketchy though…


  5. I LOVED THE FOOD CIRCUS! Did they have filipino food? My grandpa loved that place and I think it was filipino. Maybe chinese. I know they had chinese food. They had everything! I was a little kid when it closed, but I sure have fond (vague) memories of Food Circus.


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