9/11 Fireworks

Driving down the I-80 last night near Truxel around 10 PMish, I and a friend of mine noticed some fireworks off in the distance. We couldn’t figure out why there’d be fireworks, other than for 9/11 commemorations. Hardly appropriate, we thought.

It turns out that the fireworks were actually coming from Raley Field, where the Tacoma Raniers just knocked off the River Cats in the PCL playoffs. The Raniers are now headed to the finals against Nashville, while the River Cats are headed to the nearest golf course.

So, fireworks? Still hardly appropriate, we think.

One thought on “9/11 Fireworks”

  1. The fireworks might not be appropriate for a Sept. 11th remembrance but certainly appropriate for a PCL Baseball Playoff.

    The day does not always need to be so somber.


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