Crepes: the New Sushi?

Heckasac and Postcards (kudos on the ballsy post title) are discussing the encroachment of a third Crepeville franchise on the grounds of Cafe Melange. Much great discussion at both blogs. (Especially that one commenter on Postcards who notes that what is really needed is a good Jewish deli. One of the only things I miss regularly about not living in Los Angeles anymore is the abundance of deli goodness.)

Before we started The Sac Rag I commented elsewhere on the net when I noticed that two fine foreign food establishments–Shandiz (Persian) and Royal Hong King Lum (Chinese)–went sushi right at the same time. And speaking of deli’s, Max’s at Market Square is of course now a sushi place. At the time I was convinced that sushi was to Sacramento’s eaters what the Kings are to Sacramento’s “people who only pretend to care about basketball.” Not sure what that means but plenty of you out there can figure it out.

Not to mention: I’ve only eaten at the Davis Crepeville but doesn’t Crepeville use crappy cheddar cheese in its crepes? For shame.

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “Crepes: the New Sushi?”

  1. I’s sure I’m not the first person to have left the crepe establishment unfulfilled and hollow-feeling angrily shouting “I’m never going back to Crapville again.” We don’t need any more of them, that’s for sure.

    Along with a good Jeish deli, I would love, and I mean LOVE, a good Russian restaurant. Nothing like black bread and blinis on a cold winter’s day. Who’s with me?


  2. Basically, any place that had a coupon in the Entertainment book, the CoolDMZ clan has tried. And that includes Louie’s, which I would rather gnaw my own arm off than be forced to dine in again.

    We found Sam’s to be less than desirable, but I do need to remember that at least it’s there.


  3. Ever had crepe sushi? Sushi rolled in crepe instead of seaweed and rice. Sounds weird but great. Yummy!


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