Keeping Score

I thought it might be appropriate at this juncture to start keeping track of the types of places Sacramento-area people don’t want to see in their neighborhoods. If we can figure out what the common theme is among these places, maybe we’ll get more insight into what makes Sacramento tick. So, presenting these places in the order that engenders the most snark:


What’s next… car dealers? Well, actually, yup.

Any theories?

7 thoughts on “Keeping Score”

  1. You want to raise people’s hackles? Just tell them you want to open a methadone clinic in their neighborhood. After that, they’ll accpet just about any church you can think of as a neighbor.


  2. There’s actually an organized group in my neighborhood that is opposed to drive-thru fast food restaurants.

    Livin’ large in the 95831 (Pocket-Greenhaven), they call themselves (I kid you not), “The Pocket Protectors.”

    When McDonald’s wanted to set up shop at the corner of Riverside and Florin, The Pocket Protectors came out in full force with petitions to sign in front of Bel Air. They were rabidly against Ronald, Mayor McCheese, and the rest of their posse to make their home in our joyously ethnic diverse neighborhood.

    While McDonald’s is not my first choice of drive-thru fare (that would be Del Taco), if you’re hungry after 10pm in this neighborhood, you’re pretty much hosed, so I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to such an establishment.

    BTW: You referenced Hooters in your post — I went there yesterday with a male coworker of mine who was clamoring to go. Most of the girls who wait tables there are rather innocuous (albeit high maintenance in the grooming process.)

    All I can say is that they’re doing great business there, and there’s something to be said for economic stimulation (and probably other kinds of stimulation for some of the patrons.)


  3. You bring up a good point, runnergirl. Like Hooters, most of the places on this list tend to be very popular, despite the opposition to them. A Sacramento paradox?


  4. I would be opposed to any establishment that would bring more traffic through my neighborhood. I prefer going to other peoples neighborhood for my Bufflo Wing and Hulu Hoop girl enjoyment 🙂


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