I took the number 30 bus from East Sac to downtown yesterday. The bus driver was calling out each stop on his microphone. Cool. No problem. I was absorbed in my book pretty much ignoring it. Until he called out the Alhambra stop, and then belched before turning off the microphone. Ouch. Everyone looked slightly uncomfortable and there were a few snickers. Part of me thinks maybe he did on purpose, and part of that part of me thinks in that case, AWESOME! The other part of me feels confused and slightly violated. Plus the bus was late. Still better than driving and parking. That is all. Over and out.

7 thoughts on “Belching”

  1. I agree! Wait, does this mean a HeyMeg-ST truce? Have we finally found common ground, no matter how shallow?


  2. I think we would agree that having to ride a late bus with a gassy driver could be a common ground experience, on which a HM-ST truce could be based.


  3. Let the people rejoice with wine and song!! slay the fatted calf!! what snark hath joined, let no snark rend asunder!!


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