Reader-produced chart about new Greyhound station

An anonymous reader sent me this handy chart comparing the current Greyhound station with the new station on Richards Blvd. The chart sums up many of the points we had discussed when I wrote about the station last month, and adds some other nuggets. Here’s a snippet:

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Train fire this morning!

Zombie commuter 2
I’ll stop using this photo when it stops being completely accurate.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Digital Sextant

You know, most days my bike-light rail-bike commute is uneventful. (Most days.) When I have complained about the variable length of trains being an inconvenience that I have been complaining somewhat, though not completely, facetiously. If anything it is a compliment to RT that as a daily LRT commuter this is my chief frustration. (At least, if we don’t get started on the fact that I keep buying monthly passes and yet I haven’t been asked for proof of fare payment in over a year.)

So today I was actually thrilled to have been slightly inconvenienced by the light rail train fire at the Starfire station. I had to disembark Watt/Manlove and catch a shuttle to my usual stop. RT was able to scramble shuttles to meet us there instantaneously.

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RT to add electronic message signs

Creative Commons License photo credit: freya.gefn

Regional Transit announced via their “Next Stop News” brochure that they have begun installing electronic billboards at “key light rail stations.”

Initially, scheduled train arrival times will be displayed on the signs, as well as service disruption information and other RT news. Real-time train arrival times will be displayed starting in spring 2011 using GPS to track the movements of RT vehicles.

This is a pretty nice addition to the light rail commute. If the trains could only serve more people it would make up for the thrice annual cuts to bus service. Continue reading “RT to add electronic message signs”

Zombie Train this Friday

Friday evening, join other zombie enthusiasts for the Sacramento Zombie Train. This is a “flash mob,” which is apparently a thing, that aims to get a large number of zombies aboard the last RT train to Folsom. I didn’t realize there was anything but zombies on LRT after hours!

If you want to join up, put on your best zombie costume and board the train that starts at Sac Valley Station at 6:28p. Other notable stops are posted after the break.

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No hoodies for young men

The movement to rid the world of hoodies took another step forward recently according to an article on regarding a proposed dress code for patrons of Regional Transit.

“It can be intimidating sometimes when people are wearing hoodies,” Hammond said. “We need to create a friendlier atmosphere for everyone riding.”

The snark opportunities here are endless. Bonus points for working in a reference to the new 100.5 radio station tag line

Monday morning transit frustrations

Sacramento Regional Transit 117 Siemons U2 1993 1
Creative Commons License photo credit: jacksnell

My commute involves cycling and light rail, and for the most part this is a really smooth setup for me (especially since I haven’t been asked to show my pass since Justin Bieber* was in diapers). So after riding hard to the light rail station on Friday afternoon, looking forward to the weekend, I took my usual spot toward where the rear of the last car would be, knowing that the front cars tend to fill up.

As the train approached, I could tell it was a 3-car and not the usual commuter-friendly 4-car train. As I hoofed it up the station to the end of the third car, only to board and find 2 cyclists already on board the back of the train, it occurred to me that it was Friday at 4:15, which should still count as peak hours. However, it was Friday, and we all know that a certain segment of riders are Furloughed on Fridays (or are they still? I have completely lost interest). Either way I feel sure that the length of RT’s trains is affected by Furlough Fridays, leaving the rest of us in the dark.

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DEEP cuts to RT service

The RT service cuts announced last night will hurt pretty bad. On a personal note, this rider loses 3 of his regular routes including the beloved (for some reason) 50E. Apparently the cuts were not as bad as expected, though since money doesn’t grow on trees, one doesn’t relish the sound of the other shoe dropping someday on the “last-minute agreement between the governor and Democratic legislators” that freed up an additional $12 million for RT.

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RT service changes: Tahoe Park getting the shaft

neighborhood rideIn the upcoming September service changes for RT, my beloved Tahoe Park apparently drew the shortest straw and will be hit with 2 cuts out of 11 total changes.

  • 37 – Tahoe Park – 21st Avenue – Weekdays – Eliminate; Route 8 provides alternative service.
  • 83 – 14th Avenue – Weekdays – Decrease service frequency from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

I’m not really sure how Route 8 can provide alternate service to Tahoe Park as their routes (8, 37) don’t intersect.

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