Elk Grove does the gas flip.

Not so long ago, Elk Grove used to have cheaper gas prices than much of Sacramento. But, in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that this has reversed, and now Elk Grove’s gas is more expensive than much of the rest of the area. This has COMPLETELY changed my weekly refueling strategy.

Just thought I’d share, because, you know, it’s important to ME.

By the way, has anyone noticed the super high gas prices these days? Yeesh…

3 thoughts on “Elk Grove does the gas flip.”

  1. i haven’t been studying prices very carefully but every time i pass the 76 station on P & Alhambra on my way to work the price seems to have creeped down overnight. $2.25 today for the cheap stuff seems pretty good…


  2. I thought prices had gone down a bit, too. Last night, I filled my tank for under $30 for the first time in months. Not cheap, mind you, but a tiny bit cheaper.


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