Be good, it’s the holidays.

Has anyone heard that Arden Fair radio ad, that tells people to behave in the mall during the holidays? Like, no pushing, no shoving, no groping? That was the first time I heard a mall lecture people on holiday shopping etiquette. But, knowing Arden Fair, I can see why they’d do that.

Sacramento News & Review put out an article on how to protect yourself when shopping at the mall. Common sense, sure. But, these days, Christmas shopping is downright treacherous. And can you blame them? Check out the crime stats at Arden Fair during the last quarter of last year by clicking on the map. All kinds of gift giving, and gift taking, going on – in and outside of the mall.

4 thoughts on “Be good, it’s the holidays.”

  1. For the novices:
    1. Avoid the Food Court.
    2. Avoid heading south of the Gap.
    3. Avoid most of the upper level.

    Definitely don’t throw any signs (like a wessssiiiidde) when you are down by Sears. Its just common sense people.


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